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Cold air from the north “blows” into Poland. The beginning of September may be even cooler

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In Central Europe it is cooler than usual at this time of the year – Tomasz Wasilewski said in “Get up and weekend” on TVN24. This aura can last for days or even a week.

Snow has fallen in the Alps, and it has turned white in the higher parts of the mountains. Why is it cold in Central Europe? – Two pressure systems rule the weather in Europe. One is than located on the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian border, and the other is a high that circulates between Ireland and Great Britain – Tomasz Wasilewski, TVNmeteo.pl, said on Saturday in “Get up and weekend” on TVN24. He added that these two pressure systems shape the weather, and they will probably do so for a few more days, maybe a week.

Cool air flows to Central Europe

As Wasilewski explained, in the northern hemisphere the air rotates clockwise in the highlands, and inversely in the lowlands. – According to the air circulation around the lowlands, cold air flows towards us from the north and northeast. Than this coolness invites and will cause 30 centimeters of snow to fall in the Alps in the next few hours. This cool air flows to Poland, Central Europe and even a little further south – he added.

In western Europe, on the other hand, warm air flows from the south to southern Norway and Iceland. – On Friday, Iceland was warmer than Warsaw, the thermometers showed 21 degrees Celsius there. It was 22 degrees in Bergen. Meanwhile, we have 17-18 degrees – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter.

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Weather situation over Europetvn24

On the eastern side of this lowlands, far from Poland, warm air flows to the southeast and east of Europe. – In Moscow it was 25 degrees on Friday, against this background we are 17-18 degrees – said Wasilewski. – This is a pressure system that guarantees that this chill is hammering from the north to Central Europe via Scandinavia, where on Saturday morning the temperature dropped to -2 degrees Celsius – he added. He emphasized that this cold air from the north will be more and more in our parts and there is a chance that at the beginning of September it will be even cooler, and at night the temperature at the ground will approach zero.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weathertvn24

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