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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and More Riverdale Stars Speak Out Against Sexual Misconduct Claims

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Their statements came hours after an allegation against Sprouse was published on Twitter by an anonymous account using the name “Victoria” without a profile picture or tweets beyond the ones describing the claims against the actor.  

“I want to tell about my sexual abuse by Cole sprouse,” the tweets began. “It was at a party in 2013 when cole was at nyu. I was invited to one of his parties by a mutual friend, he came up during the party and started flirting with me and obviously I was flattered, we talked for quite a while.”

The tweets continued, “We then started making out and he invited me to his room. I went but was a little tipsy having had like 3 drinks. Once we got to his room he became aggressive and shoved me against the bed, I pushed back against him but he didn’t budge and I was drunk and he is bigger. He then…pushed me on the bed and put his hands under my shirt and started fondling my breasts I told him multiple times to stop, he wouldn’t listen. By then I’m in tears and gagging from the alcohol smell on his breath. With me still saying no he proceeds to undo my pants.”

“After he was,” the tweets continued, “done he told me to leave. I left and went home sobbing and took a shower for a while. I never told anyone because who would believe me over a rich Disney star. #colesprouse #tellingmystory exposing.”

According to a screenshot shared on Twitter, another anonymous account, which no longer exists, made an allegation against Reinhart and later admitted to lying about Morgan and their fellow co-star KJ Apa. Apa has not publicly addressed the situation. 

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