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Collegium Humanum scandal. The rector who “grabbed his genitals” – reports from “Newsweek”

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“Collegium Humanum was not just a business of printing fake diplomas, it was primarily about destroying people,” a former employee of the university said in an interview with Newsweek. The weekly describes the behind-the-scenes functioning of the institution, which has been awarded the title of University of the Year several times in a nationwide plebiscite announced by the Polska Press publishing house, owned by Orlen. In Renata Kim’s article titled “The Collegium Humanum Scandal”, we also read about the face of the university’s long-time rector, Paweł Cz. “A friend of clergy, politicians and entrepreneurs. A luxury-loving mobber and a sexual predator. Now – according to the prosecutor – the head of a criminal group,” the journalist sums up.

Collegium Humanum was established in 2018 in Warsaw. Journalists, among others “Newsweek” found that the private university offered crash courses that allowed you to obtain an MBA diploma. Such diplomas make it easier, among other things, to: path to supervisory boards of state-owned companies. The credibility of these diplomas (allowing, for example, to avoid competitions for members of supervisory boards of state-owned companies, for purchases of agricultural land) were to be guaranteed by English universities. Only that they turned out to be just that economic activitieswithout authorization to organize MBA studies.

READ MORE: The rector of the Collegium Humanum allegedly committed 30 crimes. There are allegations

February 21 agents CBA detained six people associated with the authorities of the Collegium Humanum university. They were charged with participating in an organized criminal group aimed at committing crimes involving issuing false documents confirming the completion of postgraduate studies and accepting material and personal benefits in connection with this.

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The seat of the Collegium Humanumtvnwarszawa.pl

The head of an organized crime group, Paweł Cz. in connection with his performance as rector of a private university, the prosecutor charged him with committing a total of 30 crimes, including misappropriation of property to the detriment of the university, abuse of the relationship of official dependence and causing other people to have sexual intercourse or undergo other sexual acts, as well as making threats against witnesses in order to influence their testimony in the case.

“I cried with relief when the rector was arrested,” a former employee of Collegium Humanum admitted in an interview with “Newsweek.” However, she added that “relief is mixed with great fear.” Another employee said he “does not feel any relief because he is absolutely convinced that the rector manages many matters from prison.” “Everyone says they will not find peace until Paweł C. is sentenced to prison,” writes Renata Kim in her article.

“The rector ordered us to kneel in front of him”, “he grabbed our genitals”

As “Newsweek” writes. the rector of the Collegium Humanum aroused fear among his subordinates. We read about shouting, insults and swearing. “When His Magnificence entered the room, you had to stand up and listen attentively to what he had to say. There were those who stopped eating altogether due to stress, others fainted,” the weekly describes. From the accounts of Collegium Humanum employees, a picture emerges of a “mobber” who repeatedly “crossed the boundaries”:

One of the rector’s assistants suffered from leukemia. He only passed away when he was going to the hospital for a bone marrow transplant. The rector called him an idiot until the last day. When another assistant was taken away by the ambulance, he said: “Oh f***, another one with leukemia, they should have let him die.

He called himself a mobber, he was aware of what he was doing. He threatened people that he would destroy them or sue them. He sent e-mails at night and gave an hour to respond. He enjoyed seeing the terrified man, then he triumphed.

It wasn’t ordinary mobbing, he was abusing people. He was able to tell the employee that he should kneel down and apologize. And people did it.

People were afraid. The rector kept telling them that they were useless, so they started to believe it. We filed complaints with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Labor Inspectorate, but nothing came of it, so we were increasingly convinced that he could do anything, that he had so much money that he could buy anyone.

“Newsweek” writes that the rector often employed young, handsome men who received director positions and high salaries. “At first, he showered them with compliments and promised them a quick promotion, but soon he started overstepping the boundaries,” we read. There were proposals for joint trips, taunts on social media and dating sites, evening text messages and sending obscene photos.

“At work, he took every opportunity to touch him (the employee – editor), pat him on the buttocks or grab his genitals,” the weekly describes.

He invited me to his office under the pretext of training, and there he tried to hug and kiss me. He grabbed my genitals and pressed me against the wall in the toilet. I didn’t protest because I wanted to work. I knew that if I said no, I wouldn’t get the money. And then he will destroy me. Because he crushes people and razes them to the ground. How? He comes to the office and says: “You’re a b***h. I’m f***ing you, you bitch. Without me you have nothing.”

To this day, I have spent more on my psychotherapist than I earned in a year of working at the Collegium. I wish I could be the same person I once was. I see danger everywhere.

We were helpless in the face of the enormous violence that continued for so long. We received inspections from the National Labor Inspectorate and we waited for them eagerly. And absolutely nothing happened.

“Factory” of diplomas

“Newsweek” also describes what the “mass-scale trade in diplomas” was like, which was practiced at the Collegium Humanum.

The weekly quotes the prosecutor in charge of the case, Piotr Żak, who said that the collected evidence shows that the diplomas were issued even though the people who received them had not completed their studies. – In most of these cases, “studying” was limited to paying for the certificate the amount indicated by the rector or negotiated with him and receiving the certificate by the “graduate” – he said.

Jas tvn24.pl journalist Robert Zieliński wrote recently, graduates of Collegium Humanum, was, among others, political and economic elite of the United Right. Among them were presidents and board members of state-owned companies, politicians, army generals and high-ranking officers of the secret services.

“The rector would give an order to print someone’s diploma, and the courier was already standing on the doorstep. Or he would urge with text messages that the deadline for submitting applications in a competition was over and the diploma was urgently needed. It happened that the interested person himself called and demanded to print the document. , because he goes to the supervisory board of a state-owned company and must have an MBA. It was printed,” writes “Newsweek”.

He adds that there was a time when graduation ceremonies were held every week. “Several dozen people came: politicians, mainly from the local government level, but also scientists, doctors, policemen, firefighters. They received thousands of diplomas. Sometimes they were not even recorded in the system, because the student received the document only a day after he started his studies. And foreign diplomas were not even allowed to be entered, even though they were issued on a mass scale,” the weekly reports.

Bachelor’s and master’s studies were done a little more carefully, because there you had to create files and enter students into the POL-on system. During post-graduate studies, the free American style reigned supreme.

The weekly writes that the visits of the Polish Accreditation Committee to the Warsaw headquarters of the university and its branches ended with good grades, even though alarms had been raised about the chaos and irregularities for years.

Collegium Humanum employees told the weekly that in the fall of 2022 they received information about the planned PKA inspection, for which they had to prepare. They mentioned that they were then given a list of documents that were to be checked. “Most of them were not available, so they had to produce them with backward dates. These were hundreds of reports, course completion reports, and graduation certificates from several years,” writes “Newsweek.” He adds that the students who were supposed to meet the commissioners received a list of questions with ready-made answers. They were supposed to say that they did not mind the lack of lecture rooms or the fact that they had to travel to classes.

“There was no university library either,” so the “rector’s driver” was sent to the store to buy “everything in the psychology section.” “During the visit, employees were relocated to other places so that a library could be established. Others lost their desks for a few days because a computer lab had to be created,” Newsweek further describes.

Student commission

Collegium Humanum was very popular, and the number of students increased every year. This was largely the result of – as we read – “aggressive advertising on the Internet and on billboards.” The weekly adds that the university also employed recruiters who dealt with attracting students.

Each recruiter had his own link from an IT specialist and if he recruited someone, it was automatically saved to his account. The more students, the higher the commission. Some recruiters issued invoices for even hundreds of thousands of zlotys.

As “Newsweek” writes, several dozen people throughout Poland worked in this way for the university, often associated with local governments.

Prosecutor Piotr Żak said in an interview with the weekly that so far two recruiters have been charged, and emphasized that only those recruiters who acquired students and listeners illegally. – It is absolutely impossible to extend a negative assessment to all people involved in this type of activity and all those who started studying at Collegium Humanum through recruiters. It cannot be assumed in advance that all people recruited by recruiters who have already been accused of obtaining their diplomas obtained their diplomas illegally, Żak said.

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