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Collision in Olsztyn. The driver's hearing will take place on Wednesday

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A drunk truck driver rammed several passenger cars in Olsztyn, then hit a bus and a bus shelter. A 42-year-old man was brought to the prosecutor's office on Wednesday and will be questioned. – After the accident, the investigation will be conducted in order to cause a disaster in land traffic – Daniel Brodowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Olsztyn, said on Tuesday.

The accident occurred on Monday after 7 p.m. on ul. Baltic. The truck first rammed passenger cars standing at the traffic lights. As a result of the impact, one of the passenger cars rolled over. Then the truck hit the back of a city bus that was standing at the bus stop. There were 16 people on the bus. The truck also damaged a bus shelter and hung on a slope approximately 4-5 meters high.

On Wednesday, the man was brought to the Olsztyn-Północ District Prosecutor's Office, where he will be questioned.

According to the spokesman of the District Prosecutor's Office in Olsztyn, the investigation into this case will be conducted by the Olsztyn-Północ District Prosecutor's Office. “Procedural activities are planned to be carried out with the 42-year-old truck driver, who was placed in the police room for detained persons,” he added.

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The investigation will be conducted with a view to causing a disaster in land traffic, for which the perpetrator may face a penalty of up to five years in prison.

The driver was drunk

There were a total of 26 people in the vehicles involved in the incident. Some of them were helped on site, and 12 injured people were transported to hospitals. Olsztyn police reported on Tuesday that none of the people taken to hospitals suffered serious injuries.

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The truck driver was also brought to the hospital from the scene of the incident, and after examination – with the consent of a doctor – he was placed in police custody. The police reported that he was drunk and had over 2 per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air. The police also informed that he was a foreigner, without specifying his nationality.

Cameras captured the moment of the accident

According to witnesses, the truck drove from curb to curb for several dozen meters, and at one point it was going against the flow. Wilczewski said that an ITS system was installed at the accident site, which, among other things, monitors the streets. The policeman assured that if there was no failure of this system during the accident, the moment of the accident was certainly recorded.

Recordings from private cameras have appeared on the Internet.

Accident in Olsztyn

A policeman about an accident in Olsztyn: the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol

A policeman about an accident in Olsztyn: the truck driver was under the influence of alcoholTVN24

Street Bałtycka in OlsztynGoogle Maps

Main photo source: TVN24

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