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Colombia, plane crash in the jungle. Grandfather of rescued children: help came at the last moment

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Children wandering in the Amazon jungle for 40 days after the plane crash they were traveling in were found by a rescue team at the last minute, their grandfather said. “They were in the last phase of their lives,” he admitted. Colombian authorities reported that the children in the hospital are feeling better. Among other things, they drew a dog that helped save them and then went missing.

In an interview with the Colombian weekly Semana, the grandfather of the children found in the middle of the Amazon, Narciso Mucutuy, admitted that 13-year-old granddaughter Lesly, the oldest among the missing children, could no longer walk because of the pain in her legs before the arrival of the rescue team.

– The girl was already hallucinating. She could not walk, which means that the children were in the last phase of life, the grandfather of the siblings found on Friday said on Monday.

Mucutuy assessed that saving the children was a miracle, because not only did they survive the plane crash in which three adults died, including their mother, but they survived in the Amazon rainforest for 40 days. He added that they arrived at the hospital in a very bad condition: emaciated, malnourished and with injuries caused by the disaster.

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The siblings who survived the disaster in the Colombian jungle have been found alive PAP/EPA/MILITARY FORCES OF COLOMBIA/HANDOUT

The man said that according to Lesly, all the adults were killed when the plane hit the ground. It was previously reported that the children’s mother survived the crash but died four days later. As he explained, the 13-year-old granddaughter, the oldest of the missing, took care of her younger siblings, especially her one-year-old sister Cristin, who was sitting on her mother’s lap during the accident. The other two are 5 and 9 years old.

“In our tribe, we teach children from the age of three”

The grandfather of the surviving siblings said that the children spent four days near the wreck, eating the flour that was on board. Grandpa described in detail how Lesly fed the younger children and prepared leaf huts for each of the little ones. The girl allegedly took some of her mother’s clothing from the scene of the accident to cover her siblings during cold nights.

The man explained that according to his granddaughter’s story, the children often cried during their 40-day stay in the jungle because of “hunger, fatigue and cold”. He considered the knowledge and skills passed on to them by their Indian community to be crucial for saving children in the Amazon forest.

– In our tribe, we teach children from the age of three, we take them to the jungle when they are five. We teach how to fish, how to eat fruit in the forest, because there are some that cannot be touched, because they are poisonous – added Narciso Mucutuy, the grandfather of the little plane passengers found.

The children are recovering in the hospital

On Monday, authorities in the South American country reported that the children in the hospital were feeling better and were already playing. Among other things, they drew a dog named Wilson, who helped lead rescuers to them, but then went missing himself. The Colombian army has posted photos of children’s drawings online on social media.

Children rescued after the plane crash are in the hospitalPAP/EPA/PRESIDENCY OF COLOMBIA

“The children are doing well, in stable condition and under medical care,” hospital spokesman Adriana Velasquez said.

Light aircraft accident and search for children in Colombia

The four siblings from the Uitoto tribe disappeared on May 1 after a plane accident in which the children were traveling with three adults. Rescue teams found the bodies of adult passengers on May 15 and 16.

After the disaster, a large-scale search was launched with the participation of the indigenous people and the army. Over the next few days, the rescue team found the remains of items left in the forest by children, including diapers, sports shoes and a towel. Finally, the children were also found – whole, healthy, but exhausted and weakened.


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