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Columbia. A tragic balance of landslides. Three children died at school

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There was a massive landslide in Colombia’s Antioquia province on Thursday. The mass of mud instantly crushed the village school, turning it into a trap.

There have been heavy rains over the western part of Colombia for many days, causing severe landslides. A particularly dire situation happened in the small Andean village of El Porkieta, where the ground covered an elementary school.

Desperate attempts to help

According to local media reports, there were 22 students at the school at the time of the landslide. The children were just in the middle of their break, when a wave of mud and vegetation flowed onto the school located on a mountain slope. The landslide has covered several children.

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The parents immediately showed up at school, making a desperate attempt to clear away collapsed trees and mud. The fire brigade also arrived. The rescuers managed to get the children out of the landslide, but three of them died while trying to provide medical assistance. The victims were 5 to 6 years old.

Landslide in the Colombian AndesENEX

Landslide in the Colombian AndesENEX

Still dangerous

The rainstorms caused crises in other parts of Antioquia as well. A woman with a two-year-old child died in the San Antonio de Prado district of Medellín.

The danger of landslides is not over yet. As the Colombian Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and the Environment (IDEAM) points out, heavy rains will persist over the province at least until Sunday.

Landslide in the Colombian AndesENEX

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Main photo source: ENEX

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