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Columbia. Caribbean Sea. Man rescued in boat drifting for 24 days

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In the Caribbean Sea, Colombia’s marine rescue services rescued a man whose boat had been adrift in the waters for 24 days. An inexperienced fisherman reported that he ate ketchup and bouillon cubes.

From posted by the Navy Colombia The recording, made available on the Internet, shows that the rescued is Elvis Francois from the Caribbean island of Dominica.

An inexperienced fisherman whose boat was driven out to sea off the island of Saint-Martin was fished more than 200 kilometers from Puerto Bolivar, in the north-east of Colombia.

A man was rescued in a boat adrift at sea for 24 daysTwitter/ArmadaColombia

Rescue officials said they took action during a routine coastal patrol when they spotted a boat with the word “Help” carved into its side.

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He lived on ketchup, bouillon cubes and garlic powder

Speaking to Colombian doctors who examined the rescued fisherman in the port of Cartagena, the man explained that he had been living on ketchup, bouillon cubes and garlic powder found in the boat while traveling alone.

“24 days without land, no one to talk to. You don’t know what to do, you don’t know where you are. It was hard. At some point I lost hope. I thought about my family,” the 47-year-old man summed up the event.

Main photo source: Twitter/ArmadaColombia

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