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Columbia. Children found in the Amazon jungle have left the hospital. “They feel very good already”

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Four children who survived a plane crash and wandered for forty days in the virgin forests of the Colombian Amazon have left the Central Wax Hospital in the capital, Bogotá, after medical observation, its management announced on Friday.

The siblings, whose search and extraordinary odyssey was followed by the whole world, lost their mother in a catastrophe. The plane’s pilot and an adult passenger also died in the plane crash. Now, the siblings found on June 9, who were transported to the hospital in a state of extreme exhaustion due to hunger and dehydration, “feel very good” – reads the statement announced by the hospital.

The four rescued children, belonging to a tribe of native inhabitants of the Amazon, are 13-year-old Lesly Mukutuy and three younger siblings, whom Lesly tried to replace and provide care for during her trek through dangerous forests and wilderness.

Children found in the Amazon jungle have left the hospital. “They feel very good already”https://twitter.com/petrogustavo

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The children were found in a remote spot in the forest between the villages of Caqueta and Guaviare. Two hundred soldiers, including a unit of the Special Forces of the Land Forces and volunteers – indigenous inhabitants of the forest – took part in the search, which the army called “Operation Hope”.

The children will go to their grandparents

On Friday, the children left – after medical observation – the Central Wax Hospital in Bogotá, the management of the facility informed.

For now, all four will remain in the care of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare (ICBF), and then the children will be placed in the care of their grandparents – their mother’s parents.

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According to what some Colombian newspapers wrote on Friday, it is not possible to give the children to the father’s care because the man is accused of “using violence in the family”.

Main photo source: https://twitter.com/petrogustavo

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