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Columbia. “Havana Syndrome” at the US Embassy in Bogota

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Several American families associated with the US embassy in the Colombian capital have experienced a condition known as the “Havana syndrome,” reports the Wall Street Journal. The case is being investigated by the US Department of State. Colombian intelligence services also said they are investigating these reports.

“Havana syndrome” is a group of various ailments, mainly of a neurological nature, such as migraines, hearing problems, dizziness, and disturbances in sleep and memory. The causes of this condition have not been thoroughly investigated, and some believe that the syndrome is caused by attacks carried out using directed electromagnetic waves.


In 2016, American diplomats working in the Cuban capital began to complain about this ailment, hence the name of the syndrome. Since then, about 200 American officials working on missions in China, Vietnam, Austria, Germany and other countries have reported similar symptoms. Among them were many diplomats and CIA employees.

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“Havana Syndrome” at the US Embassy in Bogota

Initially, the “Havana syndrome” affected two people at the US Embassy in Bogota, later more cases were reported, at least one family was sent home for treatment, the Wall Street Journal reports based on its sources. He adds that one of the victims was supposed to be a child.

The case is being investigated by the US State Department, but its spokesman, Ned Price, did not address it directly, merely assuring that all ministry employees would receive “the immediate assistance they need,” WSJ wrote on Tuesday. The daily reminds that the American embassy in Bogota, which is, inter alia, base for anti-drug operations, it is one of the largest facilities of this type in the world.

Colombia knows about the reported cases of the “Havana syndrome”, our intelligence services are checking the reports, but the main investigation is being conducted by the American side, Colombian President Ivan Duque told the New York Times.

The scheduled visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Colombia is scheduled for October 20.

Disturbing symptoms of diplomats in Berlin

On Friday, the German police announced that they are investigating the case several cases of the “Havana syndrome” at the US embassy in Berlin.

A spokesman for the facility did not comment on these reports, but assured that the US is investigating all such cases around the world.

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