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Columbia. “Operation Hope”. Tips that helped rescuers find children in the Amazon jungle

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Footprints, partially eaten wild fruit, mobile phone accessories and a diaper were clues for rescuers searching for three children and a baby in the middle of a tropical forest after the crash of a single-engine Cesna plane that killed their mother.

The Cesna plane crash occurred in early May near San José del Guaviare in the south Colombia. There were seven people on board the plane, including a mother and her children aged 13, 9 and 4, as well as an 11-month-old baby.

When rescuers managed to reach the wreckage of the Cesna, they found the bodies of the dead pilots and a woman. There were no children on site. As reported by the BBC, the surviving children left the area and went out to seek help, wandering in the jungle. Military search teams with dogs, assisted by local guides, set out to search for them.

Military aviation took part in the rescue operation called “Operation Hope”, including three helicopters that were circling over the jungle. The machines, the BBC reported, broadcast the grandmother’s voice over loudspeakers, asking the children to stop so they could be found.

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The Amazon jungle, where children were sought Reuters

They feared the worst

The BBC reported on Saturday that rescuers initially feared the worst, but clues including footprints and partially eaten wild fruit have given them hope that the children may still be alive after leaving the crash site.

One of the first items rescuers found were scissors and a hair tie.

Hair elastic and scissors found in the search area Reuters

Later, more items were found, including a bottle with a dummy and a diaper.

A bottle with a pacifier found in the search area Reuters

A diaper found in the search area Reuters

A piece of metal found in the search area Reuters

Area of ​​search for missing children Reuters

Area of ​​search for missing children Reuters

The clue was also a hut and found shoes and pieces of clothing in a forest composed of 40-meter trees.

Reuters reported that the children were found near the border between the Colombian provinces of Caqueta and Guaviare, near where the plane crashed.

The doctor of the military rescue team said that the rescued children were “safe and sound”, although slightly dehydrated. They survived by eating fruits picked in the forest. They were taken to a hospital in Bogotá.

Children and rescuers found Reuters

Found children transported to hospital in Bogota PAP/EPA

The Colombian authorities did not inform about the causes of the plane’s crash, the pilot of which only managed to radio that he had “engine problems”.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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