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Columbia. Rescued children after a plane crash. What will happen to them? The family fights for custody

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Colombian officials are talking to family members of children who survived almost 40 days in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash in the Amazon jungle. They try to determine who should take care of them. Two days ago, the grandfather of two children accused their biological father of domestic violence.

The four siblings (the youngest at the time of disappearance was 11 months old, the older siblings – 5, 9 and 13 years old) from the Uitoto tribe went missing on May 1, after the accident of the plane in which they were traveling with three adults. Their mother died in the crash.

The Amazon jungle, where children were sought Reuters

In the following weeks, a large-scale search was launched with the participation of indigenous peoples and the army. Over the next few days, they found items left in the forest by children, including diapers, sports shoes and a towel. The siblings were found about five kilometers from the crash site. Colombian authorities announced the good news on Friday.

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The siblings who survived the disaster in the Colombian jungle have been found alive PAP/EPA/MILITARY FORCES OF COLOMBIA/HANDOUT

On Monday, it was reported that children in a hospital in Bogota are feeling better and are playing, including drawing a dog named Wilson, who was lost during their search.

Children rescued after the plane crash are in the hospitalPAP/EPA/PRESIDENCY OF COLOMBIA

On Tuesday, the Colombian daily El Tiempo reported that two children had a fever that was quickly brought under control by doctors. According to Adriana Velasquez, deputy director of the Institute for Family Welfare, the condition of the other two is stable and they are in good spirits. The children were visited, among others, by the Minister of Health Guillermo Jaramillo.

Hospital in BogotáReuters

A custody battle amid allegations

Colombian media report that in the face of accusations against the father of two children of domestic violence, “among the relatives of the found children, a fight for custody of them began.”

On Sunday, Narciso Mucutuy, the grandfather of the two youngest children, stated that Manuel Ranoque, their father, used domestic violence against their mother, Magdalena.

Ranoque admitted to reporters that there were problems at home, but he described it as a private family matter and not a topic for “gossip to the world”. When asked if he ever attacked his wife, he said: “Sometimes verbally. Physically very rarely. We had more verbal skirmishes.”

The man said that he was not allowed to see his two eldest children, of whom he is not the biological father, but the stepfather.

Manuel Ranoque spoke to journalistsReuters

The head of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute, Astrid Caceres, in an interview with BLU radio, said that at the request of the maternal grandparents, who are now fighting for custody with the father of the two youngest children, they were assigned a social worker.

“We will talk, investigate the matter to find out more about this situation,” Caceres said, adding that the institute did not rule out that the children and their mother may have experienced domestic violence. – At the moment, the most important thing is the health of children, not only physical but also emotional – she noted.

A found child being transported to a hospital in Bogota PAP/EPA

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