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Columbia. Rescuers found children rescued from a plane crash. Recording

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Four children survived 40 days in the Amazon jungle after a plane crash. According to Colombian media, their mother, who also survived the crash, advised them to go in search of help. She herself died four days later. Colombian television RTVC published a video of the moment rescuers found the children.

The father of the two youngest children, Manuel Ranoque, said that the mother, who lived for four days after the light aircraft accident, had advised them to try to get through the jungle on their own in search of help. His children aged 13 and 9, together with his two younger half-siblings (5 years and 1 year), undertook a 40-day journey through the Amazon forest in search of rescue.

On Sunday afternoon, the Colombian television RTVC broadcast a report showing the moment of the rescuers’ meeting with the children. It shows that the rescued babies are very emaciated.

They survived the plane crash. The children were found after 40 days in the junglePAP/EPA/MILITARY FORCES OF COLOMBIA

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The search for four siblings

The four siblings from the Uitoto tribe disappeared on May 1 after a plane crash in which they were traveling with three adults. The bodies of adults, including the mother’s body, were found by rescue teams on May 15 and 16.

In the following weeks, a large-scale search for the children was launched. The indigenous people and the army took part in the action. Over the next few days, members of the search party found items left in the forest by children, including diapers, sports shoes and a towel.

Authorities Colombia reported that the children staying in the hospital are feeling better and “want to play”. They revealed that a birthday celebration is also planned for the youngest toddlers, who turned one and five years old during their journey through the jungle.


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