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Columbia. She was found half-naked and unconscious by the side of the road. Police are investigating the death of a 38-year-old woman

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The death of a thirty-eight-year-old Colombian woman found half-naked and unconscious by the side of a road with multiple injuries has sparked another wave of discussion about violence against women. The police are determining with whom the deceased spent the last hours before her death. One of the non-governmental organizations issued an appeal in which she raised the issue of feminicide: “Our lives are always in danger” – it was emphasized in the communiqué.

Natalia Alzate Mejía went out with friends on Saturday, February 11 in the evening. On Sunday morning, she was found on the road connecting the cities of Pereira and Armenia in the middle Colombia. She was half-naked, unconscious, with multiple injuries, reported “El Tiempo” on Tuesday, February 14. The officers, quoted by the website of the Colombian daily, reported that on the spot they found a man who claimed to have found a 38-year-old woman and was giving her first aid.

Mejía was taken to the intensive care unit of the San Jorge Hospital in Pereira, but her life could not be saved. She died Monday evening. A day later, the Semana magazine portal reported that the Colombian’s injuries were caused by sharp tools and blunt objects. Police are in the process of finding out who Mejía spent Saturday night with.

Appeal for help for the family of the deceased

Meanwhile, the non-governmental organization Casa de la Mujer published a post on social media in which it referred to the information about the death of the 38-year-old: “We demand that the authorities fulfill their duties and, in addition to identifying the guilty, provide comprehensive care to the family, which is also a victim today “. The woman left behind a six-year-old daughter.

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According to the authors of the entry, Mejía was the victim of femicide: “We repeat that they murder us and we are nowhere safe, no matter how we are dressed, how old we are and where we are. Our lives are always at risk,” the post on Instagram reads.

Hundreds of victims of feminicide

Colombia’s authorities last year recorded 612 cases of femicide, the murder of a woman committed because of her gender. “Most cases of femicide are committed by the partners or ex-partners” of the victims. – results from the data presented by the World Health Organization. “For women in many parts of the world, violence is a leading cause of injury and disability, as well as a risk factor for other physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health problems,” the website said. WHO.

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