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Columbia. The deadly volcano may erupt again

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The Nevado del Ruiz volcano may erupt in the coming weeks. Increased seismic activity in the region has forced government authorities to raise the level of alert for the eruption. Local communities have been put on alert after the previous outbreak killed more than 25,000 people.

Colombian authorities on Friday raised the alert level for the deadly Nevado del Ruiz volcano from yellow to orange. This is related to the recorded increase in seismic activity in the region, which may be an early harbinger of an upcoming eruption.

Several days or weeks

John Makario Londono of the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC) explained that last week, Nevado del Ruiz experienced the highest number of daily tremors since monitoring began in 1985. They are caused by the cracking of rocks within the volcanic cone.

“The volcano has been in the process of erupting for about 10 years,” he said. – When we start noticing anomalies in its activity, we need to change the alert level. In this case, we’re changing the alert from yellow to orange, meaning an eruption is likely in a few days or weeks.

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The official added that the orange alert did not mean an imminent eruption, but an increased likelihood of it. Authorities are asking local communities to remain calm and closely follow the announcements made by the SGC.

Nevado del Ruiz is getting closer to eruptingReuters/RCN TV

The eruption buried the city

Nevado del Ruiz last erupted in 1985. Hot pyroclastic material melted the volcano’s ice cap, creating lahars – giant mudslides that flowed down the volcano’s slope at great speed. A wave of dust and mud completely flooded the city of Armero and many surrounding towns.

It is estimated that the eruption contributed to the deaths of over 25,000 people. According to the American research center Smithsonian Institution, this is the fourth highest number of deaths in history due to a single volcanic eruption.

Nevado del Ruiz is getting closer to eruptingReuters/RCN TV

Main photo source: Reuters/RCN TV

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