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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Comedian Jeff Ross Denies Having a Sexual Relationship With a Minor

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Ross expressed that the woman’s best friend at the time did “not support her allegations.” 

“Her husband, who is clearly assisting her, has been convicted of a crime involving dishonesty,” Ross continued. “They have been harassing me for years. Rather than continue on with reciting even more evidence that refutes this nonsense, I will just say that I am hopeful that this person gets help for her mental health issues.” 

In a Facebook post published on October 8, 2019, the woman alleges that she originally made the allegations on November 27, 2005 for a writing class in college. 

“This is me attempting to first try and process this in a very real way,” the Facebook status read. “I also showed Jeff a copy of this as I was still trying to convince myself I could make this okay. I have only recently realized just how fucked up this all is, and was—I seriously do not want any predator to ever get away with stuff like this. In this paper I downplay the abuse and NEVER mention rape. I’ve not said that word until this past year or so. I did not want to admit I had been defeated, wrong & raped in my sleep when I refused to sleep with him while awake. I also am not ‘thankful’ as mentioned in the end of this piece. I am f-cking traumatized.”

The accuser’s essay can be read here in full.

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