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Comet Leonard lights up the sky. How to watch it

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We can see Comet Leonard (C / 2021 A1) in the morning sky in December. We will be able to see it with the naked eye. The cloudless sky will be an indispensable factor for its observation.

Leonard (C / 2021 A1) is a so-called single-appearance comet, i.e. one that appears only once near the Sun. It is the first one discovered in 2021.

“For the next few days, before sunrise, you will be able to see it moving slowly against the background of the constellation of the Wolarz and the Serpent. To see it, ordinary binoculars will suffice, and in a few days it may become visible to the unaided eye” – wrote Karol Wójcicki, a popularizer on Facebook astronomy, author of the blog “Head in the stars”.

An indispensable factor for its observation will be a cloudless sky, as well as the absence of light pollution. It is best to choose a place that is located far from artificial light sources, that is, as far away from the city or industrial facilities as possible.

As Karol Wójcicki writes, as a result of the scattering phenomenon, the comet may be brighter in the period 10-17 December.

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Comet Leonard – where does the name come from?

On Saturday, the comet will pass the globular cluster NGC 5466 in the night sky, located in the constellation of the Aviary.

The comet was discovered by astronomer Gregory J. Leonard on January 3, 2021 at the Mount Lemmon Infrared Observatory, about 27 kilometers northeast of Tucson, Arizona.

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