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Comments from abroad. “Poland can again become an important player in the European Union”

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Just after the elections on October 15, one of the most famous British historians, Timothy Garton Ash, said in “Facts after Facts” that French-German cooperation, which was usually the driving force of the Union, is not functioning so well now and Europe simply needs Poland as a leader. What is the world saying about Poland today?

The end of authoritarian rule, good news for Poland and Europe – this is the prevailing tone of foreign comments. The BBC states that Donald Tusk’s re-election as prime minister “will put an end to eight years of rule by the populist Law and Justice party, which has repeatedly clashed with Brussels”, and “The Guardian” writes that Tusk, “known among his friends for his courage” and monstrous stubbornness, will push for reform in the face of a divided electorate and a hostile president. Berlin is talking about ending the demonization of its neighbors.

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– There are hopes related to this change of power in Poland for the improvement of Polish-German relations, which have been bad in recent years, well, let’s be honest, they have actually reached rock bottom – says Wojciech Szymański, a journalist with Deutsche Welle. According to the Spanish “El Pais”, Poland has ended the eight-year period of rule by an ultraconservative government that “relegated the country to the margins of the European Union, violating the rule of law.” “Le Figaro” points out that expectations towards the future pro-European government are huge. – Poland can again become an important player in the European Union. Just like it was before – emphasizes Piotr Moszyński, correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in France.

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Tusk: no one will outplay me in the European UnionTVN24

Hope for change

“The New York Times” notes that Lech Wałęsa wanted to witness the fall of Law and Justice so much that, despite the recent fight against COVID-19, he came to Warsaw. Prime Minister Tusk receives numerous congratulations. Jake Sullivan – advisor to President Joe Biden for national security – writes that Joe Biden is looking forward to continuing to work together as close allies. According to the head of the European Commission – Donald Tusk’s experience and strong attachment to European values ​​will be valuable in building a stronger Europe for the benefit of Poles. President Zelensky emphasizes that the future Ukraine and Poland lies in unity, mutual support and strategic partnership for victory over the common enemy.

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Later this week, Prime Minister Tusk – former head of the European Council – will talk with European leaders – certainly also about Ukraine. British historian Timothy Garton Ash said that what happened in Poland was one of the best political news in Europe this year.

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