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Commission for the study of Russian influence. Aleksander Kwasniewski: The president should not sign bills. It’s unconstitutional

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The law on the commission for affairs of investigating Russian influence is part of a cynical political game – assessed former president Aleksander Kwasniewski in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. As he pointed out, it is “unconstitutional” and Andrzej Duda should not sign it.

On April 14, the Sejm passed a law on the establishment of the State Commission for the study of Russian influence on internal security in the years 2007-2022. They launched the initiative in December PiS deputies. The commission is to operate on principles similar to those of the verification commission for reprivatisation in Warsaw. Senate Legislative Committee voted against the bill on Wednesday.

Ex-president Aleksander Kwasniewski was asked on Thursday in “Kropka nad i” about what will happen when the president signs the bill, if it goes to his desk.

– Then President Duda will take part in the chutzpah consisting in the fact that a commission is created before the elections, which can neither investigate anything, nor will it have time to formulate any sensible conclusions, but will spit on PiS’s political opponents in order to to weaken them before the elections, so that their electoral chances are slim, he assessed.

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He added, “It’s probably mostly about Donald Tuskbut not only that, it’s also about PSLwhich was in the coalition at the time.

According to Kwasniewski, the act is “unconstitutional”. “It’s part of a cynical political game,” he added. – This is another element of some political black PR invented somewhere on Nowogrodzka Street (PiS headquarters – ed.), which is to serve one thing: we are to win in these elections, we are to maintain power, and the winners are not judged, so who will remember later that such a commission has thrown mud at so many people for a month and a half – he said.

He added that the president “shouldn’t sign this bill.”

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