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Commission investigating the influence of Russia. PO on fears that PiS may eliminate Donald Tusk from politics. The deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs answers

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PO Secretary General Marcin Kierwiński assessed that the only purpose of Law and Justice’s willingness to establish a commission to investigate Russian influences was to “eliminate” Donald Tusk, the leader of Civic Platform, from politics. Borys Budka, head of the Civic Coalition club and former PO leader, assessed the case in a similar way. Paweł Jabłoński, the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reacted to Kierwiński’s entry.

Parliamentary majority adopted on Friday the act on the commission to investigate Russian influence on Poland’s internal security. The opposition claims that this is an unconstitutional regulation aimed at them. Even before the vote, Janusz Kowalski from Solidarna Polska admitted that he hoped that “the effect of the commission’s work will be to put Donald Tusk before the State Tribunal.

The Commission is to analyze, inter alia, official activities, creation, duplication, disclosure of information to third parties; influencing the content of administrative decisions; making harmful decisions; making declarations of will on behalf of a public authority or company; concluding contracts or disposing of public or company funds. Decisions that the committee could make include, but are not limited to: annulment of the administrative decision issued as a result of Russian influence, issuing a ban on performing the function related to the disposal of public funds for up to 10 years and the withdrawal of i no security clearance for 10 years.

233 deputies (including 225 PiS representatives) supported the establishment of the commission, 208 were against (including KO, Left, KP-PSL and Poland 2050 deputies), 9 abstained (Confederation), and 10 deputies did not vote. The initiative to set up the commission came in December last year PiS deputies.

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Kowalski: I hope that the commission’s work will result in bringing Tusk before the State TribunalTVN24

Kierwiński about the reasons for establishing the commission, Jabłoński responds

The opposition claims that the activities of the committee appointed by the ruling majority may be aimed at banning Donald Tusk from holding public office.

On Saturday, the secretary general of the Civic Platform, Marcin Kierwiński, assessed on Twitter that “PiS has adopted a law whose sole purpose is to eliminate Tusk from politics.” “They can’t cope in real life, so they reach for the repertoire played in Minsk and Moscow” – he said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Paweł Jabłoński reacted to the entry, writing that Kierwiński “basically admits openly that the law on the commission examining Russian influence on Poland’s security may eliminate D. Tusk from politics.” “Interesting,” he added.

Kierwiński wrote in response that “PiS officers openly said that this was their intention.” “You can’t win honestly, so you set up your extraordinary commissions. Comrade Jabłoński, one piece of advice – if you want to study Russian influences in Poland, set up commissions on Nowogrodzka Street. And be the first to question Kaczyński and Macierewicz” – he turned to Jabłoński.

The head of the Civic Coalition club and former chairman of PO joined the discussion on the subject of the commission for examining Russian influence Boris Budkawho concluded that “in the methods of political struggle, PiS does not differ much from the worst regimes.”

“Kaczyński is so afraid of losing to Donald Tusk that he reaches for an illegal verification commission, which Putin, Erdogan or Lukashenko can envy him,” he wrote, referring to the presidents RussiaTurkey and Belarus.

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Main photo source: Zbigniew Meissner/PAP

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