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Commission on Russian Influence. Maciej Berek about what he will do first

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Everything indicates that the commission for Russian and Belarusian influence will first deal with current issues, such as those from almost yesterday, said Maciej Berek, head of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers. He added that “they are simply more pressing and have a greater impact on current security.”

On Monday, the boss Ministry of Interior and Administrationcoordinator of special services Tomasz Siemoniak announced that the recommended composition of the commission on Russian and Belarusian influence established last week should be presented “within several dozen hours”.

The new body was headed by the head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, General Jarosław Stróżyk. It will consist of one or two persons appointed by: the Prime Minister, the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Minister Coordinating Special Services, one person each appointed by: the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of State Assets, the Minister of Digitization. , as well as the secretary – an employee of the Ministry of Justice, appointed by the chairman.

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Berek about the first meeting of the committee

Head of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers Maciej Berek he emphasized that the first meeting of the commission will only be possible when it has full members. – It is planned for this week, but I don't know the specific schedule at the moment – he said.

When asked about the work of the new body, Berek replied that everything indicates that the commission will first deal with “current issues, almost from yesterday.” “They are simply more pressing and have a greater impact on current security – and only then will it go back, according to the established time frame of 2004,” he said.

– I am convinced that the body will be happy to use its right to present partial reports – these may concern a specific period of time, but also specific matters. In this way, we can keep an eye on specific irregularities – added the minister.

Berek also reminded that the commission will, as a rule, work on specific evidence, i.e. documents. – If it is necessary to obtain additional information from someone, it will of course be possible, but – unlike the currently functioning investigative commissions – no hearings are planned – he said.

What requirements must committee members meet?

Pursuant to the Prime Minister's order, committee members must meet the requirements for access to classified information classified as “top secret”. – If people who do not have the required access to classified information are delegated there, the Internal Security Agency will quickly carry out verification proceedings, which should not last longer than a month – explained the minister.

In his opinion, there is unlikely to be a scenario in which there will be reservations about allowing a given person access to classified information, because “ministers are aware of the materials the committee will work on.” However, such an eventuality would not suspend the commission's work, as, in accordance with the regulations, it is possible to launch verification proceedings once they have started.

However, if the ABW assessed a given person negatively, it would be necessary to find a successor.

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