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Commission on Russian Influence. Tomasz Siemoniak: within several dozen hours we will present the composition of the committee

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The composition of the commission to investigate Russian influence will be presented to Prime Minister Donald Tusk within several dozen hours, announced the Minister of Internal Affairs, head of the services, Tomasz Siemoniak.

– We're working on it. Even yesterday with the Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar we had conversations about this. We know that the matter is a priority for the Prime Minister, who would very much like to have this commission established quickly, and I think it is a matter of the next several dozen hours for the Prime Minister to propose its composition – he informed the Sejm on Monday Tomasz Siemoniak.

When asked by journalists whether he already had the names of the committee members, he noted that he had “several suggestions.” “We consult with other ministers so that the composition reflects various substantive interests, knowledge and preparations. This commission must work as a whole, so I have several proposals, but I will ultimately decide, knowing what other ministers propose,” he said.

He added that each minister submits candidates for members separately, but the ministers consult and talk about this issue. – We want this commission to be strong in terms of content. We talk about this topic all the time, including last Saturday and Sunday, he noted.

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Commission for investigating Russian and Belarusian influence

The Commission for examining Russian and Belarusian influence on the internal security and interests of the Republic of Poland in the years 2004-2024, in accordance with the Prime Minister's order issued last Tuesday, is an auxiliary body of the head of government. It will consist of: a chairman – a person appointed by the Minister of Justice – and members: one or two people each appointed by: the Prime Minister, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the minister-coordinator of secret services, one person each appointed by: the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of State Assets, the Minister of Digitization, as well as the secretary – an employee of the Ministry of Justice, appointed by the chairman.

The commission for investigating Russian influence will be headed by the current head of the Military Counterintelligence Service, General Jarosław Stróżyk. Pursuant to the ordinance, the chairman will present to the Prime Minister an annual report on the committee's work – by March 31 of the year following the year to which the report relates, as well as partial reports on the committee's work – at least once every two months – unless the chairman decides otherwise. The first partial report is to be presented within two months from the date of the first meeting of the committee. The ordinance assumes that if a suspected violation of the law is identified, the commission will notify the appropriate authority.

Main photo source: Adam Warżawa/PAP

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