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Commissions of inquiry. Barbara Nowacka: there will be three more

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We assume that we will appoint three more investigative commissions, for a total of six. But there will have to be at least as many of them as there are huge blocks of scandals to be clarified, said Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition on TVN24. Marcin Horała from PiS argued that “all these so-called scandals are purely fake or they are not scandals.”

Donald Tusk announced that the new government will create three parliamentary investigative committees: to investigate the so-called elections envelopes, the visa scandal and the Pegasus case. The first reading of the bills establishing them is scheduled to take place in the Sejm on Tuesday.

The topic of investigative commissions was commented on on Sunday by the guests of “Kawa na Ława” on TVN24.

Nowacka: There will be more investigative commissions

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Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition announced that “these are not the only investigative commissions” that the new parliamentary majority intends to establish. – These are the first ones, but we assume that there will be at least three more – she noted.

– Six is ​​a lot, but these are just preliminary tests. We will need to appoint at least as many of these committees as there are large blocks of scandals to be resolved, she added.

Nowacka revealed that one of the next commissions will deal with “topics related to the ventilator scandal and generally how Mateusz Morawiecki’s government functioned during the pandemic.”

– Please believe me, PIS he provided us with materials for many commissions of inquiry. Unfortunately, because all this was at the expense of taxpayers – said the MP.

Horała: these are full-blown scandals or they are not scandals at all

Marcin Horała from PiS argued that “all these so-called scandals are purely fake or they are not scandals.” – For example, the visa scandal is a fairly simple, small criminal case that was detected and effectively solved – he said.

He admitted that “there is one thread” regarding envelope elections that should be clarified.

– Some local government officials, when the elections were to be held on a normal, constitutional date, in a normal manner, said: “we have an idea that in our opinion these elections cannot be held, so we will not provide the premises, we will not issue ballot boxes.” The electoral process was simply boycotted, Horała said.

Ćwik: the government has full right to appoint investigative commissions

Presidential minister Piotr Ćwik spoke about the government’s “full right to appoint investigative commissions.” – Let them work, let them determine the facts – he added.

– Of course, there will also be the entire political environment. However, it is important for the president to maintain a healthy balance between what will be investigated in investigative commissions and what will be related to matters important to Poles, Ćwik noted.

Tyszka: we will support the creation of the commission

Stanisław Tyszka announced that the Confederation would support the establishment of the three announced commissions

In his opinion, “the envelope scandal should be included in a broader commission on how the state behaved during the pandemic.” – Let me remind you that most of the state’s actions were illegal because they did not exist state of emergencybut it was an invented state, some epidemic, passed by law – he added.

He informed that the Confederation would demand that “a commission for the grain scandal be established.”

Dziemianowicz-Bąk responds to Tyszka

Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the Left referred to Tyszka’s words and said that “if the commission were to be created not only for envelope elections, but also for the situation of managing the state during the pandemic, it should also analyze who made money by sowing disinformation threatening health and life.”

– It is necessary to look at phenomena such as, for example, the promotion of disinformation by (Confederation, Grzegorz) Braun (…) that threatens health and life – she added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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