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Common Opposition List? Marcin Bosacki: we count on it, but we will be ready to defeat PiS on our own

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The Civic Platform encourages the opposition to create a joint list for the parliamentary elections. Marcin Bosacki, a senator of the Civic Coalition, pointed out on TVN24 that the lists had to be presented in about half a year and “you can’t wait indefinitely” with a decision. – Everyone needs to know if they are going together, separately or in smaller blocks. I think it should show up in a few weeks, he said.

Opposition parties have not yet decided in what shape they will go to the autumn parliamentary elections. On the table is the option of a shared list that he proposes civil Platform. Head of PO Donald Tusk on Friday he appealed to the leader of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołowniaso that during the Saturday convention of his group he would respond to the proposal to start from the joint list.

Hołownia did not make a specific declaration. He said that “all options” should now be considered, and that “the decision should be made after carefully counting all the variants.” Later on TVN24 he said that a joint list “is possible”.

Bosacki: We hope for a joint list, but we are ready to defeat PiS on our own

On Monday, Senator Marcin Bosacki, head of the Senate club of the Civic Coalition, spoke about a possible start from the joint list in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego”.

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We’re still counting on a joint list. Of course, if it doesn’t, we’ll be prepared to beat it PIS independently. This, of course, applies to the Sejm, because when it comes to the Senate, I am convinced that this joint list – the Senate pact – will be built once again – he said.

He stated that “this Saturday speech by Szymon Hołownia does not inspire optimism”. – He rather said that he prefers to go alone. We respect each other and even if we go separately, I am convinced that the opposition will win and form a government together, said Boascki.

He noted that “you can’t wait indefinitely.” “The elections are in eight months, the lists have to be presented in about six.” Everyone needs to know if they’re going together, separately, or in smaller blocks. I think that should be revealed in a few weeks, the senator added.

Bosacki: You have to take advantage of this chance

Bosacki also talked about the law on changes in the judiciary, which would mobilize funds from the KPO for Poland. The Sejm accepted it, but rejected all the amendments tabled by the opposition. The bill is pending in the Senate, and the chamber is due to consider it on January 31.

– This whole matter is about two goods of the Republic of Poland and Poles. The first is 170 billion for Poland. (…) The second good is the restoration of the constitutionality of the system of disciplining judges, he said.

For the time being, he pointed out, “this act does not fix the second good.” We in the Senate will do it. We will ensure that the bill in the constitutional form will be sent to the Sejm. There will be no bizarre solutions from the Supreme Administrative Court, only the discipline of judges will return to the Supreme Court, he assured.

The senator emphasized that “this money (from KPO – ed.) should have been working for Polish local governments, Polish families, Polish companies for a year and a half.” – They do not work because PiS wants to take Polish judges as a face. If there is a chance that this face-taking will decrease and the money will go to Poland, then you have to take advantage of it – said the TVN24 guest.

Bosacki on changes in the judiciary: you have to take advantage of this opportunityTVN24

Bosacki: final report on the Pegasus surveillance in the spring

Bosacki is the chairman of the Pegasus Surveillance Committee. Gazeta Wyborcza wrote last week that Krzysztof Brejza, the senator of the Civic Coalition, signed the motion for surveillance by trusted people of the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobroincluding Bogdan Święczkowski, a current judge of the Constitutional Tribunal. The application was made by the then deputy head CBA Grzegorz Ocieczek.

We had this type of information. They are now in the public domain. I will certainly call Mr. Święczkowski for explanations, announced Bosacki.

He pointed out that “Bogdan Święczkowski, who approved Krzysztof Brejza’s application for surveillance, and the deputy head of the CBA (Grzegorz Ocieczek – ed.) who wrote this application were former PiS candidates for parliament.” – It is difficult to find a greater symbol of the politicization of the services and resources that these PiS services in Poland unfortunately have – said the senator.

When the moderator pointed out that representatives of the ruling camp boycotted and did not appear before the commission, he replied: – For us, this will be another example and an opportunity to describe it in the report.

– We intend to publish the final report in the spring. About how the entire structure of the secret services, and especially the CBA, worked for the PiS election result in 2019 with a warning that it could look similar in 2023 – said Bosacki.

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