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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Compulsory vaccinations in medical entities – announcement by the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski

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The act on the verification of vaccinations by the employer will also include a provision on compulsory vaccinations in health care entities. There will be no catalog of penalties, but there will be an opportunity to part with an unvaccinated employee, said the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski.

The head of the health ministry, when asked in RMF FM about the announcement of the bill on the possibility of employers verifying vaccination by employees against coronavirus, replied that in his opinion such a solution would be much more effective than vaccination certificates. He stressed that thanks to this, the employer will be able to manage employees depending on the degree of risk of infection and transmission.

Verification of vaccination in the workplace

– This solution, which is proposed here, is the solution that, in my opinion, is the best because it appeals to a sense of responsibility which is very important in the performance of official duties, said the head of the Ministry of Health.

Niedzielski assessed that this is not a kind of segregation, but an increase in the protection and safety of employees.

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He expressed hope that this solution will come into force later this year.


Compulsory vaccinations in medical entities

The minister of health assured that it was the employers who urged the government to delegate such powers to them. – There is, among other things, a postulate in this act that managers of entities should be able to introduce, for example, the obligation to vaccinate in healthcare entities – informed Niedzielski.

When asked about which facilities the vaccination obligation could apply, he replied that medical entities, including hospitals and hospices.

When asked if a given person would have to say goodbye to the profession, the head of the Ministry of Health replied: “probably yes”.

– The solution speaks of an obligation, there is no catalog of penalties listed there. It will probably be an opportunity to part with the employee – added Niedzielski.

The Minister of Health announced the aforementioned bill on Monday. The project is to allow the employer to verify whether the employee is vaccinated. According to Niedzielski, it is to be referred to the government and will probably go to the next session of the Sejm.

Vaccinations at workplaces

The regulation of vaccination against coronavirus in workplaces has already been undertaken by, inter alia, Latvia. The Latvian parliament on Friday passed a law that allows entrepreneurs to fire employees who refuse to vaccinate against COVID-19 or switch to remote work. In the country, about 61 percent are fully vaccinated. adults, with the EU average of 75 percent. The new rules will take effect on November 15th. It will not apply to those who, for medical reasons, cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine, or those who have recently had the disease.

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