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Monday, September 20, 2021

Computers. Cryptocurrencies and shortages are driving the prices of electronics – Polish Economic Institute

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The price increase is affecting computer equipment. The rebound in cryptocurrency rates and shortages of microprocessors will result in high prices – assessed the Polish Economic Institute. The three-digit increases concern graphics cards and processors.

The Polish Economic Institute pointed out that the consumer electronics sector is struggling with a shortage of semiconductors, an example of which is the difficult start of the Playstation 5 console model.


Computers – prices

The high cost of computer hardware, experts explained, is driven by the prices of two components: graphics cards and CPUs. The analysis shows that since the beginning of 2020, these products have increased in price by 215 percent. and 175 percent. It was added that, for example, the cost of RAM memory chips practically did not change, and hard drives increased in price by about 5 percent.

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As explained, the analysis was performed on the basis of the average prices of promotional offers published on pepper.pl. It was argued that the presented data are without statistical corrections and “indicate rather general trends”.

According to analysts, “the increase in graphics card prices is directly related to the use of this component for cryptocurrency mining.” “Large increases took place in the fourth quarter of 2020, i.e. in parallel with the rapid increase in the bitcoin rate. Also, the sharp decline in cryptocurrency prices in May was reflected in hardware prices, although it took place after a few months” – indicated. According to PIE, “a renewed rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies could raise prices.”


Experts pointed out that the prices of processors increased significantly at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was associated with an increased demand for electronic equipment for work or distance education. “In 2021, the second wave of increases occurs due to equipment shortages” – pointed out PIE. At the same time, attention was drawn to comments from Intel’s results conference, which showed that the market is now entering the apogee of shortages and it will take over a year to recover.

Bitcoin – quotes

Bitcoin currently costs less than 50,000. dollars. You have to pay less than 46 thousand for the cryptocurrency. dollars.

Bitcoin quotes in the last three monthsstooq.pl

Cryptocurrencies are popular because of their relative anonymity and fluctuations in value, which create opportunities for greater profits than by investing in traditional global exchanges.

Bitcoin in April reached a record level of 65,000. dollars, in June fell to the level of 28.8 thousand. dollars, after China tightened restrictions on digital currencies.

However, the volatility of bitcoin and its unclear legal status raise doubts as to whether it could actually replace traditional currencies in everyday transactions one day.

A few months ago Paweł Borys, the president of the Polish Development Fund, warned against investing in bitcoin. He stated that you have to be careful not to invest a significant part of your savings. He also referred to tulipomania, which is known as the oldest stock market bubble – it took place in the 17th century.

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority also warned against investing in cryptocurrencies. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority pointed out that they are associated with a high risk and the market itself is unregulated. It means that there are no detailed and systemic solutions ensuring the safety of investors who operate on it. The Office also indicated that the cryptocurrency and crypto-assets market is characterized by high volatility.

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