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Conch in question in “Millionaires” for two thousand zlotys

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A conch is a house built by: a snail, a spider, a voles or a samurai? Leszek Nowak from Bestwina answered this question in “Millionaires”.

Mr. Leszek is a political scientist by education. So far, he has given two correct answers using one lifebuoy – an audience question. This earned him a prize of 1,000 zlotys.

The two remaining lifebuoys were used by Leszek on the third question. It concerned the conch.

A conch is a house built by:

A: snail B: spider C: vole D: samurai

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Conch is a mollusk shell, a shell. The snails hatch from the egg along with the embryonic shell, which hardens when the snail has enough calcium. In this way, the snail “builds” its home, that is, the conch. So the correct answer is A.

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