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Confederate Politicians and Dog Meat Comments. “What’s next, what’s the next step?”

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Meat is meat – said the former candidate of the Confederation to the Sejm, who does not like the ban on slaughtering dogs and trading in dog meat. The MP of the Confederation added that this is a matter of freedom in which the state should not interfere.

Confederation activists, although many of them have been in politics for a long time, can still shock both with their behavior and words. Recently, the candidate of the Confederation to the Sejm referred to the words about the ban on the slaughter of dogs and the trade in their meat, who regretted that there was a ban, because – as she put it – meat is meat. Natalia Jabłońska has been removed from the Confederation list.

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– I don’t think so either. After all, a dog is no better than a cow. It’s our habit. I don’t think the state should regulate our feelings towards animals. I don’t think they are willing either – says Dobromir Sośnierz, MP of the Confederation. There are no people willing to eat dog meat, but there is no shortage of people who are shocked by this statement.

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Left-wing MP Andrzej Rozenek is a known animal lover, but not only because he was surprised and embarrassed. – Maybe it’s about such controversy, maybe it’s about arousing some emotions, but what’s next, what’s the next step? Will they talk about cannibalism? Well, there is simply a limit to stupidity somewhere – says Andrzej Rozenek.

Controversy party

Controversy sells great – not only in the media. Korwin-Mikke’s ostentatious sleeping in the Sejm’s meeting room was undoubtedly controversial – just like the economic and social ideas of the Confederation. Just like Sławomir Mentzen throwing pseudo-banknotes in the fight for voters. More than a controversy was the so-called Mentzen Five. – We do not want Jews, homosexuals, abortion, taxes and the European Union – said Sławomir Mentzen. Now came the issue of slaughtering dogs for meat – presented as a fight for freedom. – We believe that the less officials and politicians look at our plate, the better – explains Jacek Wilk, a politician of the Confederation.

Lesser brothers

– I feel sorry for all those who look at their pets as potential steaks or chops – comments Szymon Hołownia from Poland 2050. Andrzej Halicki, who is not only a politician, but also a dog breeder, asks Confederation politicians whether they actually believe that meat is meat and it doesn’t matter what they eat. Our attitude towards animals shows what kind of people we are. – This is our big family enlarged by smaller brothers – says doctor Tomasz Borkowski from the Kennel Club in Poland. These are neither objects nor walking chops. – I have no words how someone can say such a thing, feel and think like that – emphasizes Izabela Stępniowska, the owner of a border collie kennel.

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