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Confederation and rising support in the polls. Tomasz Trela ​​and Artur Dziambor and the results of the party, Sławomir Mentzen and the removal of Dziambor from the Confederation

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It was known that sooner or later the emotion that drove the Confederation to the ground, i.e. the anti-Ukrainian emotion, would disappear – said Artur Dziambor, the president of the Freedom Party, in “Tak jest” on TVN24. – Now Konfederacja presents itself as a party with a completely different image – he added, commenting on the poll in which his former party recorded the largest increase in support among other parties. Tomasz Trela ​​from the Left admitted that he imagined talks about a coalition alliance between PiS and the Confederation.

Member of Parliament Tomasz Trela ​​from the New Left and MP Artur Dziambor, president of the Freedom Party and former MP of the Confederation, were guests of “Tak jest” on TVN24 on Friday. Among other things, they commented on last week Ipsos poll, in which the Confederation gained the most. Compared to December last year, it gained 5 percentage points.

Dziambor was asked how he explained the jump polls his former party. – I explain primarily by the fact that it was known that sooner or later the emotion that drove the Confederation to the ground, i.e. the anti-Ukrainian emotion, would disappear. It was known that the Confederation was hit very hard when it started war in Ukrainebecause the Po-Russian message of the Confederation and some politicians was unbearable for the majority of the audience, for the majority of Poles. That’s why it was so bad, he said.

According to him, currently “emotions are on a completely different level, now the Confederation presents itself as a party with a completely different image and a different message than at that time.” – In addition, the opposition makes big mistakes and the ruling party, as you know, is an easy target, because we are still in a hopeless situation of the middle class, entrepreneurs, Poles who feel every day inflation Jambor added.

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Trela: Confederation’s poll results are a seasonal Mentzen effect

According to Trela, the Confederation is “a threat to Polish democracy for sure.” – However, I have a slightly different opinion than Mr. Dziambor – he added.

– I believe that the Confederation’s poll results are a seasonal effect of you [Sławomira, lidera Konfederacji – przyp. red.] Mentzen – commented the MP of the Left. – He is very active in social media, he spent a lot of money on it and uses such catchy slogans: you will not pay taxes, we will take Poland out of the European Union, there will be no in vitro fertilization, women will not be able to decide for themselves – he said.

Slawomir MentzenAlbert Zawada/PAP

He also said that when he hears Mr. Mentzen, “he says at every turn that he would be an excellent finance minister.” – I imagine a situation where Law and Justice lacks 20 parliamentarians, Mr. Mentzen is in the parliament and takes [PiS – przyp. red.] Mr. Mentzen and says: you will be the Minister of Justice for the majority in parliament – added Trela.

Dziambor: they removed me because they found that my activities were bad for the Confederation

Dziambor also talked about how he left the Confederation. – It was the Confederation that removed me at some point because they said that my activities were bad for the Confederation. Maybe she did wrong, so be it, it’s their business, how they build their message, who they work with – he said.

When asked on which issues they differed, he said that “the biggest dispute, however, was the issue of the message related to the war in Ukraine“. – We had a strongly pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian message from the first day. On the other hand, there were politicians in the party, such as (Janusz) Korwin-Mikke and Grzegorz Braun, who could not resist and did their best to make the Confederation have a pro-Russian face on the outside – he said.

Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP

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