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Confederation. Spokeswoman: A light spanking is caring for the child. No abuse

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For some children, a spanking is not abuse at all. First of all, it is about caring for the child, argued Confederation spokeswoman Anna Bryłka. She commented on the statement of the leader of her formation, Sławomir Mentzen.

The leader of the Confederation, Sławomir Mentzen, raised the issue of spanking children in one of his press interviews. – I would like it to be normal that a parent can spank a child. As a rule, a slap is supposed to discipline, so it must be unpleasant – admitted the politician.

Confederation spokeswoman: A light slap means caring for the child. No abuse

On Friday, Confederation spokeswoman Anna Bryłka was asked about his words in Onet. – Yes, this statement by Co-Chairman Mentzen is spreading widely. Our task, our basic postulate, is to care for children. We care about these children, we strive to ensure that they have the best possible living conditions in Poland, she said.

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As she said, “sometimes it happens that a parent will spank a child,” and “for some unruly children, a light slap is not abuse at all.” – First of all, it is about caring for the child – she argued.

– Sometimes a light slap is caring for the child. Children are unruly. I happened to see a parent in a store, in a public place, where such a slap for the child was the only way to calm it down – said the spokeswoman.

She admitted that she did not have children herself.

Anna Bryłka, spokeswoman for the ConfederationANDRZEJ IWANCZUK/East News

The representative of the Confederation criticized the ban on dog slaughter because “meat is meat.”

There has been a lot of talk in recent days about… another controversial statement by a representative of the Confederation. Party activist Piotr Cezary Lisiecki wrote on Facebook that “the slaughter of dogs and the ban on trade in their meat were introduced in the EEC (European Economic Community – ed.) in 1986.” This entry was commented on by Natalia Jabłońska, a lawyer and Confederation’s candidate for the Sejm in district no. 37 (Konin): “And unnecessarily. Meat is meat.”

On Friday, Witold Tumanowicz, the chief of staff of the Confederation, announced that Jabłońska would not run for the Sejm from this group’s lists.

Earlier, Dobromir Sośnierz, one of the Confederation’s leading politicians, current MP and candidate for re-election, agreed with Jabłońska’s statement. He was asked about her words on Wednesday in the “Wieczorny Express” program. – I also think that a dog is no better than a cow. It’s just our habit, he said. – I don’t think it should regulate our feelings towards animals – he added.

Main photo source: ANDRZEJ IWANCZUK/East News

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