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Conflict at the National Bank of Poland. Sławomir Dudek and Kazimierz Krupa comment on “Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

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The cesspool in the management board has broken out – this is how Dr. Sławomir Dudek, economist, president and founder of the Institute of Public Finance, Warsaw School of Economics, commented on the conflict in the National Bank of Poland in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. In turn, economic publicist Kazimierz Krupa from the Drawbridge Law Firm said that “President Glapiński believed that he was the Sun King.”

Paweł Mucha, a member of the management board of the National Bank of Poland, published letters to members of the Monetary Policy Council, in which he alleges, among other things, that “copies of the minutes of the MPC meetings are not made available to at least some members of the NBP management board.” He added that “in the practice of operation of NBP bodies, there are significant violations that are of key importance for the functioning of the central bank.” The NBP Management Board found Mucha’s behavior “unacceptable”.

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Conflict in the management board of the National Bank of Poland

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– We had street art, i.e. banners, and now it’s gone to waste in the management, because that’s figuratively speaking. But this is a serious matter, said Dr. Dudek. According to him, there was a “breaking of the law” at the NBP, because the regulations of the Monetary Policy Council include the obligation to provide these minutes to the management board, because the management board implements what the Monetary Policy Council decides.

– And indeed, the president, by not providing these minutes, prevents the management board from acting. This is a body, a very important body, of a very important institution. Except this isn’t the first time. We have also heard that members of the Monetary Policy Council do not receive all the analyzes they demand. Even Supreme Chamber of Control in her analysis of monetary policy, she said that there was an irregularity that members of the Monetary Policy Council, in accordance with the statement, cannot participate in making forecasts, do not see the data accurately, and so on – said the economist.

In his opinion, “President Glapiński prevents the efficient functioning of the central bank, members of the management board and the Monetary Policy Council.” – In my opinion, this is actually the State Tribunal or even other regulations. This needs to be examined by lawyers, he emphasized.

According to Krupa, “President Glapiński believed that he was the Sun King.” – The Sun King Louis XIV ruled France over 70 years old and said that “France is me”. It took President Glapiński several years to believe that the National Bank of Poland was him, and I would even say that Poland was him, said the publicist.

– I didn’t laugh at President Glapiński’s stand-ups. I laughed for the first two or three because I thought it was some intellectual provocation. Later I realized that he was serious and it was a reflection of his belief that he believed that the National Bank of Poland was me, he added.

Krupa: President Glapiński believed that he was the Sun KingTVN24

According to him, “the Monetary Policy Council in its current organizational form, which was given to it by the legislator, should be liquidated because it is unnecessary and harmful.”

In his opinion, in the Monetary Policy Council “we expect a Council of Wise Men, but there is a void there.”

– This is a mockery, because if I look at it and see that many times the National Bank of Poland, either consciously, because there were such actions, or unconsciously through its decisions, swings the zloty the way it wants – maybe it doesn’t want to, but it swings – I’m just terrified – said Krupa.

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