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“Confusion” and “pathetic bustle.” “It’s all not serious”

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This confusion we are witnessing, this pathetic bustle (…) All this together is not very serious – this is how Professor Ewa Łętowska, the first Ombudsman, judge Constitutional Tribunal retired. She also stated that the operation of the commission poses a threat “primarily to citizens”.

President May 29 Andrzej Duda signed – created on the initiative PIS – the act on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence in Poland, referred to as “lex Tusk”. He announced that he was referring it to the Constitutional Tribunal under the procedure of subsequent review. On May 30, the act was published in the Journal of Laws and entered into force on May 31. According to it, the deadline for submitting candidates to the committee is 14 days from the entry into force of the act, i.e. June 14, but no candidates for this committee have been presented yet.

At the beginning of June, President Andrzej Duda presented a draft amendment to the Act on the Commission, which changes, among others, rules for the election of the chairman and other members of the committee. The bill began to be dealt with by the Sejm on Tuesday.

Łętowska: All this together is not very serious

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– This confusion we are witnessing, this pathetic bustle … (…) All this together is not very serious – assessed the professor in “Fakty po Faktach” Ewa Łętowska. She stated that the operation of the commission is a threat “primarily to citizens”. According to her, the commission itself will operate “in competition with the activities of the courts”.

According to Łętowska, the main threat deriving from the commission’s actions is that “civil death may be ordered against people who will be splashed with mud, not even as a result of a final decision, but the ongoing proceedings”. The second threat, according to her, is the “enormously wide subjective scope” of the commission’s activities – how many people can stand before it, which, according to Łętowska, is a threat to economic and academic freedom, freedom of speech, as well as the operation of the media and “the media’s ability to ensure social dialogue “.

Ewa Łętowska in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

– These are constitutional values. If now the participants of these dialogues are splattered with mud and by preaching unpopular truths, they will be treated as either enemy agents or representatives of interests Russia or some other centers, then their participation in the discourse is disturbed, she said. “What is scandalous about this very act is that the actors who decide the outcome later, that is, the members of the commission, are simply relieved of any responsibility for what they do,” she added.

Łętowska: members of the commission will have a license to kill

“It’s a wonderful way to eliminate not a real agent, but to slander someone,” she said. – Well, let there be (in the commission – ed.) someone who has a light language or a light approach to his duties and will deal with his private interests – he will talk, spit. How can you even speak out on any issue or speak out in the media if you have a license to kill? This is basically telling people: “a word means nothing” – she commented on the role of the commission members.

– The law lives on words, whether written or spoken, but words behind which there is something. If behind the words there is not a meaning that should result from the constitution, but only what someone thinks that he will give his meaning to this constitution by the power of the layman’s opinion … and even if he knows that this meaning he translates badly, but he waves his hand at it and says: “it doesn’t matter, let him be like that”, after all, it means that values ​​are empty, nothing, she added.

Łętowska noted that the rule of law ends when “it ceases to play its stabilizing role and the ability to predict what will happen to me.” – This is the end of the rule of law, as I cannot count on the procedure to protect me – she said.

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