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Confusion with the CBOS poll. Director Ewa Marciniak explains why the entry in the results on Twitter was removed

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On Monday afternoon, CBOS removed the information published on Twitter with the results of the latest poll of party preferences. KO Senator Krzysztof Brejza intervened in this matter to the institution. The director of CBOS, Professor Ewa Marciniak, explained in “Yes it is” on TVN24 that there was a “little graphic imp”. “I decided there was no reason to keep the graphic imp,” she added. The poll image returned to social media after 7 p.m.

CBOS presented the results of the latest on Monday afternoon poll party preferences. Law and Justice (together with Sovereign Poland, the Republican Party and Kukiz’15) can count on the support of 29 percent of respondents, and the Civic Coalition – 28 percent (increase by 1 percentage point). Compared to June, support for PiS fell by 4 percentage points. She was ranked third Confederation with 9 percent support.

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Senator KO Krzysztof Brejza announced on Twitter that he had “intervened with the government’s CBOS” in connection with the removal of information about the study from social media. “This afternoon you posted on social media on Twitter that: ‘We are presenting the latest party preference results.’ According to this information and a detailed table, the PiS party was supposed to lose 4 percentage points and gain 29.1 percent of support, while the Civic Coalition was supposed to gain 1.6 percent of support from the previous poll. after it was posted, it was removed “- we read in Brejza’s published letter addressed to the director of the Public Opinion Research Center Ewa Marciniak.

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The senator asked why the tweet was deleted and “whether any of the representatives of the Council of Ministers intervened with the management of CBOS regarding the above study.”

“Are you really surprised that the government’s CBOS study disappears from the official media, in which PiS has 29 and KO 28?” – wrote the head of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk.

Director of CBOS: I decided that there are no reasons to keep a graphic imp

Director of CBOS, Professor Ewa Marciniak, who visited “Tak jest” on TVN24 before 7 p.m., was asked why the post about the survey disappeared from Twitter.

She said that the official website of CBOS is the website and “the survey of party preferences completed today was published at 4 p.m., sent to the media and there they are.” – So anyone who wants to know what the results of this poll are can use this message – she added. She noted that at the moment the message on the CBOS website is available to “subscribers”, but as she added after a month, all surveys are available free of charge.

– Of course, Twitter is an important communication tool and we usually communicate that a study has been published and we only provide one graphic related to that study. Getting to know what is in this poll, what are the mechanisms of support or sociodemographic variables, would require analyzing the entire message or at least reading it – said the director of CBOS.

She explained that there was a “little graphic imp”. “I decided there was no reason to keep the graphic imp,” she added. When asked what kind of pixie it was, she replied that it was “simply graphic, non-substantive”.

– I have already received questions as to whether the results published today are false. They are real, they are available. She added that from 4 pm “journalists interested in these results received”.

Marciniak said that the graphic on Twitter “will pop up in a moment”. – It is also a matter of working time, because it is already after hours, so it is a certain difficulty – she added.

After 7 p.m., an entry with the results of the survey appeared on the CBOS Twitter profile.

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