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Constitutional Court, anniversary of the publication of the abortion judgment. Candles under TK

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On Thursday evening, on the anniversary of the publication of the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal tightening the abortion law, candles were lit in front of the building of the Constitutional Tribunal. – We commemorate the death of women who lost the fight against the fanatical PiS government. We will not allow these women and their families to be forgotten, said KO deputy Aleksandra Gajewska.

One year has passed since the judgment was published on Thursday The Constitutional Tribunal led by Julia Przyłębska, who tightened the rules on termination of pregnancy. The Constitutional Tribunal questioned the premise that abortion was permissible in the case of severe and irreversible damage to the fetus. After the publication of the judgment, which was handed down in October 2020, abortion is allowed only in two cases – when it threatens the health or life of a woman or when it arose as a result of a prohibited act (rape or incest).


Candles before the Constitutional Tribunal to “commemorate the death of women who lost the fight against the fanatical PiS government”

On the anniversary of the publication of the judgment, several dozen candles were lit in front of the Court building. They were lit by, among others, members of the Civic Coalition – the head of the KO club Borys Budka, the deputy head of the club Rafał Grupiński and the MP Aleksandra Gajewska.

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Gajewska said she came to the seat of the Constitutional Tribunal to “commemorate the death of women who lost the fight against the fanatical PiS government.”

– We would come here and shout: “Not one more”, and then we learned about the death of another woman, about another family that lost a very important person, about children who lost their mothers, about husbands who lost their wives, about mothers, who lost their daughters. (…) Someone has to break the tragic sequence of these events. We are here to say that we will fight for it and that we will not let these women and their families be forgotten – said Gajewska.

According to KO parliamentarians, the year since the publication of the Constitutional Tribunal’s verdict was a year of “dramas for families”, as well as a year of “triumph for fundamentalists from PiS, the Constitutional Tribunal, the Confederation, and all those who believe that they have the right to decide as women.”

In their opinion, only “safe, legal abortion can end the hell of women in Poland”. They turned to women in Poland, assuring them that if they had a “problem with the hospital, the doctor” they could turn to KO politicians for help.

Candles under TKPAP / Marcin Obara

Two stories of the death of pregnant women

On Wednesday, the media circulated about the death of 37-year-old Agnieszka from Częstochowa. A twin pregnant woman was hospitalized, inter alia, in the provincial hospital in Częstochowa. The woman’s sister informed that when in December last year one fetus died, the husband “begged the doctors to save his wife, even at the cost of pregnancy.” “Agnieszka had a dead fetus for a week. Until the second one died. Both were extracted two days after their death” – wrote the sister of the deceased on Facebook.

Agnieszka died on January 25 and orphaned three children. The statement of the Częstochowa hospital assured that the hospital had taken “all possible and required actions to save the lives of the children and the patient”. He added that “the conduct of doctors was not influenced by anything else, except for medical reasons and care for the patient and her children.”

This is another recent case of the death of a pregnant woman in a hospital in the province. Silesian. The case investigated by the prosecutor’s office also had a loud echo the death of 30-year-old Izabela from Pszczynawhich in September last year. she reported to the County Hospital in Pszczyna after her amniotic fluid broke. The fetus was already diagnosed with malformations. The woman died in hospital as a result of septic shock. The family of the deceased believes that the doctors delayed the termination of pregnancy too long, which contributed to the death of the 30-year-old woman. Her death sparked a wave of protests across the country under the slogan “Not one more” against the abortion laws currently in force in Poland.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Obara

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