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Construction meter. They X-rayed the car and found contraband worth over PLN 200,000

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Officers of the Podkarpackie National Tax Administration from Budomierz prevented the smuggling of amber worth over PLN 205,000. An X-ray device helped detect the goods. The compartment in which the amber was hidden was under the dashboard.

Officers found the cache of amber while checking someone entering Poland Ukraine passenger car.

According to the spokeswoman of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Rzeszów, Edyta Chabowska, the vehicle driven by a 42-year-old Pole was X-rayed.

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KAS officers detected smuggling of amber worth over PLN 205,000. zlotyKAS Podkarpacie

Amber in the hiding place under the dashboard

– Thanks to this, the officers reached the place with the hidden goods. More than 23 kilograms of uncut amber was located in a compartment in the dashboard. Its value was estimated at over PLN 205,000, Chabowska reported.

The officers seized not only the amber, but also a car adapted for smuggling. Further proceedings in this case are being conducted by the Podkarpackie Customs and Tax Office in Przemyśl.

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The contraband was in a compartment under the dashboard KAS Podkarpacie

Main photo source: KAS Podkarpacie

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