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Construction of the STH The first construction works are to start in the summer of 2023. Marcin Horała about the construction start date

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It seems that in the summer of this year we will start the first construction works, without any forced expropriation, only on land that has been sold voluntarily to the STH, said Marcin Horała, the government’s plenipotentiary for the Central Communication Port, on Friday in Radio Katowice.

When asked about the ongoing protests of residents and some local government officials in Silesia, who do not agree that high-speed railways leading to the CPK run through their areas, Horała pointed out that “this is why there is an extremely long, arduous, multi-stage, multi-variant stage of planning works to minimize such problems as much as possible. – First, we have the stage of voluntary purchases after determining the location – when a person who does not meet the proposed conditions may simply not accept this offer. The example of Baranów itself and the CPK airport itself, where this stage of work is already underway, shows that these offers are beneficial, they are attractive, assessed the plenipotentiary, who is also the deputy minister of funds and regional policy.

The CPK will be built on over 800 hectares

– We have already bought over 400 hectares (in Baranów – PAP), another over 400 hectares are being negotiated – which means that we have already agreed on the price, it is only a formality. All in all, it looks like we will start the first construction works this summer without any forced expropriation, only on land that was sold to the CPK voluntarily – Horała said on Radio Katowice.

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The Deputy Minister stated that he is convinced that when Silesia also reaches this stage, it will happen.

– Because the CPK can, has the right to do so and does so – unlike other public investors – pay clearly more for the purchased real estate than they are worth – he added.

Preferred location of the CPKfacebook.com/projectCPK

According to Horała, the protests are a matter of fear for money

According to Horała, people protesting against the CPK and the railway lines leading to it are mainly afraid that in exchange for their houses and land they will not receive money to buy another, similar property. “It’s just misinformation, it’s not true. Exactly the purchase conditions, the program of voluntary purchases, later compensation for expropriation, in the CPK program are better than in all other programs such as the construction of highways, etc. conducted so far – emphasized Marcin Horała. As he assessed, the current stage of work should not be perceived in terms of an ongoing “fight”, but talks and consultations.

– It is known that the investor tries to make sure that there are as few such collisions and such cases as possible, but also every reasonable person understands that it is impossible to build anything bigger so that everyone is satisfied, not a single such case will happen – said the deputy minister .

Deputy Minister Horała talks about large compensation

When asked whether he would defend his “dream house” himself if it stood in the area where the railway line is to pass, Horała assessed that the person affected by such a case “probably will receive compensation that will allow him to build a better house elsewhere, bigger or build the same and buy a car or go on a very attractive holiday a few times“. – Moving is never a pleasant thing, but I think everyone will agree that it is not a case of any particular harm – summed up the government representative.

The investment variant concerning the railway has not yet been selected

As he said, the so-called the investor’s variant regarding the route of the high-speed railway on the Katowice-Ostrava section has not yet been selected. According to the deputy minister, the moment when the consultations will come to an end may be close. However, he stipulated that at this stage does not want to make specific declarations on the date. He emphasized that the area of ​​Silesia is particularly difficult in this respect, e.g. due to areas of mining activity, environmental issues and high urbanization.

Alternative rail route to Ukraine

Referring to the project to expand the high-speed rail network to Lviv, and in the future also to Kiev, Horała confirmed that, in consultation with the Ukrainian side, work on a feasibility study for such an undertaking had begun. “Of course, the completion of the planning stage and the physical start of construction work is conditioned by the end of the war,” he said. – Inclusion project Ukraine into the European railway network in the European track standard (…) is one of the flagship projects of the anticipated reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. Such a connection by high-speed railway standard – i.e. very fast, in 5 hours by train from Kiev to Warsaw – is very real – said the deputy minister.

According to Horała, the traditional railway route to Lviv – via Rzeszów, Przemyśl and Medyka – will remain very important, but for high-speed rail, a route from Lviv via Lublin to the STH and Warsaw, and further west, north or south, is being considered.

– Poland and the CPK will be the heart of the high-speed rail system in Central Europe – assessed the government plenipotentiary for the CPK. As he said, the airport Chopin in Warsaw is currently 30-35. the largest airport in Europe, and The CPK in the first stage is to be 8-12. major European airport.

– This is tailor-made, for our needs – said Marcin Horała on Friday in Radio Katowice.

Main photo source: TVN24

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