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Consultations with the president. Who will be the prime minister? Marcin Mastalerek: the president has not made a decision yet

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Mateusz Morawiecki and Donald Tusk were convincing during consultations with the president and both believed in themselves. The president heard the same thing from them – that they were candidates for prime minister and they had the will to form a government – said Marcin Mastalerek, head of the president’s office, who took part in Tuesday’s consultations, on TVN24.

President Andrzej Duda is conducting post-election consultations. On Tuesday, representatives of Law and Justice were at the Presidential Palace, then talks were held with a delegation of politicians from the Civic Coalition. Marcin Mastalerek, the new head of the president’s office, took part in both meetings.

Mastalerek: the president heard the same thing from Morawiecki and Tusk

On Wednesday, Mastalerek was a guest of “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24. – The president heard yesterday that Law and Justice there is a candidate for prime minister, there is authorization for Prime Minister Morawiecki and there is the will to form a government. He heard the same from President Tusk, that he was the candidate of the Civic Coalition, he said.

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On Wednesday, he announced, “the president will ask the next three committees whether they have their candidate for prime minister.”

Mastalerek said that both Morawiecki and Tusk “were convincing and both believed in themselves.” – Morawiecki was in very good shape. He is convinced that he is able to convince some MPs to support the government, he added.

– Today I can assure you of one thing. The president, to my knowledge, has not made a decision yet. He takes these consultations very seriously and wants to listen to all sides, because the president knows perfectly well that the media is one thing and reality is completely different, said Duda’s head of cabinet.

“It was not a courtesy exchange of post-election words”

He emphasized that Tuesday’s consultations “were not a courtesy exchange of post-election words.” – WITH Donald Tusk there was a good conversation in a good atmosphere, but it was substantive. The president indicated the areas of cooperation with the government – he did the same during the meeting with Prime Minister Morawiecki – he indicated the areas he cared about the most.

– The president set some red lines, saying that arming the army is an extremely important matter, the nuclear power is very important, because if we are to achieve an energy transformation, we cannot do it without the nuclear power, Mastalerek said.

Main photo source: Jacek Dominski/Reporter/East News

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