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Contactless payments from Blik. ING Bank Śląski is launching a new payment method

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ING Bank Śląski announced that it is starting to provide clients with contactless payments with Blik. “The possibility of activating Blik contactless payments will be available to all customers within a few days” – the bank said in a statement. Previously, Bank Millennium, PKO BP and Alior made available to their clients a similar service.

The company Polski Standard Płatności, which is the operator of the Blik mobile payment system, announced in July that 6 banks would make Blik contactless payments available in stationary stores in Poland and around the world. Alior Bank, ING Bank, Bank Millennium, mBank, PKO Bank Polski and Santander Bank Polska were replaced.

ING Bank Śląski provides a new service

As the first new payment method was made available by Bank Millenniumthen there was PKO BP and Alior Bank.

Now in the announcement, ING Bank Śląski announced that it provides Blik contactless payments “in the latest version of the Moje ING mobile application”.

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“The contactless tag allows you to pay for purchases similarly to payment cards. You just need to unblock the phone and bring it to the payment terminal – without the need to enter the Blik code, internet connection and mobile network” – emphasized the bank.


How to enable contactless payments with Blik?

As added, in order to use contactless payments with Blik, the bank’s customer needs the Moje ING mobile application (from version 4.2.0) and an Android phone with the NFC function enabled.

Contactless payments by Blik can be activated in the mobile application. You can also manage the service from here.

How to pay contactless with Blik?

As we read in the ING announcement, Blik can “make contactless payments in all payment terminals in Poland and around the world – in contactless terminals with the Mastercard logo”.

“Transactions carried out using this method are safe – before each payment, it is required to unlock the phone with, for example, a PIN or a fingerprint” – it was written.

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