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Control in the ERO. Report of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

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The Chancellery of the Prime Minister found numerous errors in the management of the Energy Regulatory Office, informs Rzeczpospolita on Monday. The ERO – in the period of rapid increases in electricity, gas and fuel prices – was supposed to plan its budget incorrectly and dispose of human resources. The daily notes that the decisions of the office have an impact on the wallets of millions of Poles.

“The management of the office did not have effective tools to assess the institutional capacity of the unit, and the activities undertaken did not provide effective support for managing the ERO’s needs” – this is an excerpt from the speech, quoted by Rzeczpospolita, after the inspection carried out by the Prime Minister’s Office at the Energy Regulatory Office.

Control in the ERO

The president of this institution, as the newspaper reminds, has been Rafał Gawin since 2019, appointed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and its decisions affect the wallets of all Poles.

Rzeczpospolita indicated that the prime minister’s chancellery checked the management of the ERO as part of a planned audit. It was devoted to some aspects of the functioning of the office in 2018-2020, namely the organizational structure, human resources and civil law contracts.

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Errors were found in all of these areas, and they were found on over 30 pages of the presentation.


ERO position

However, the Energy Regulatory Office ensures that it is already trying to eliminate the problems. “All recommendations formulated after the Chancellery of the Prime Minister’s inspection are implemented by the office or planned for implementation” – explains “Rzeczpospolita”. And he adds that even before the end of the inspection, “actions that are part of the fulfillment of post-inspection recommendations” were taken, for example, the “ERO Knowledge Academy” was launched, ie a series of remote training courses in which 30% of participants participate. office employees.

“The President of ERO informed the Chancellery of the measures taken and planned to implement the post-inspection recommendations, referring in detail to the post-inspection recommendations and pointing to the areas and procedures that will contribute to the improvement of the unit’s operation” – confirms the Government Information Center.

Who benefits from the tariffs approved by the ERO?

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approves tariffs for the sale of electricity to households (G tariff group) for four so-called ex officio sellers (PGE, Tauron, Energa and Enea). They have a total of 13.1 million individual recipients.

These customers can take advantage of the tariff approved by the head of the Energy Regulatory Office, but they can also choose the free-market offer of their energy supplier.

The President of the Energy Regulatory Office accepts tariff applications, then they are analyzed and approved, or the president calls on the trading companies to correct them. An energy undertaking may introduce a tariff to be applied not earlier than after 14 days and not later than 45 days from the date of its publication by the President of the ERO.

The Energy Regulatory Office also approves gas tariffs for households.

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