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Control of electronics in Polish stores. Every fifth product was questioned. UOKiK report

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The Trade Inspection carried out, on behalf of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, an inspection of electronics sold on the Polish market. Telephones, headphones and tablets available in stores and wholesalers were tested. Markings were checked, but also whether the permitted amount of substances hazardous to health, such as lead and cadmium, was not exceeded.

As reported the office of Competition and Consumer Protection, in 2022, inspectors of the Trade Inspection carried out inspections of electronic products in the voivodship inspectorates in Szczecin, Warsaw, Poznań, Opole, Lublin, Kielce, Bydgoszcz and Białystok. The compliance of the labeling of electrical and electronic equipment was checked, and tests were carried out for the presence of hazardous substances in it.

Comments on every fifth product

The inspectors checked 102 business entities: 68 retail stores, 22 multi-stores and 12 wholesalers (including 4 importers).

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Employees of the Trade Inspection examined i.a. chargers and power adapters, LCD displays, mobile phones, headphones, toys and lighting fixtures. a total of 339 different products. According to UOKiK, 20 products came from Poland, 6 from other European Union countries, and 295 from the so-called third countries. At the same time, in 18 cases, the country of origin could not be determined.

After inspection 77 products were questioned, or 22.7 percent. proven products.

Electronics control. Formal remarks

According to the office, during the inspection, among other things, the so-called formal discrepancies. For example, the lack of the name of the manufacturer or importer, contact address or registered trademark – such shortcomings were found in the case of 43 products (12.7%).

In the case of 38 products (11.2%), the declaration of conformity was missing or was incorrectly drawn up. 18 products (5.3%) did not have CE marking. In 8 cases (2.4%) there was no type name, batch number, serial number or other information allowing identification of the goods.

Laboratory results

UOKiK reports that as a result of the inspection, 31 models of various products were sent for laboratory tests (in terms of cadmium and lead content).

The results showed that 14 of them (45.1 percent of the total) exceeded the permissible standards for lead, and in one case also for cadmium.

This is important because these substances can penetrate into the environment, contaminate it and negatively affect human health.

Example of research and results:

Antenna power supply LXG01A: the test results showed that the lead content in 4 components of the product and cadmium in one component were exceeded. With lead limit values ​​of 1,000 mg/kg, the measured concentration values ​​were: 672,038 mg/kg (+/-201,611), 542,498 mg/kg (+/-162,749), 5,124 mg/kg (+/-1 537), 36,500 mg/kg (+/-18,250). In one of the elements thus, the concentration of lead was exceeded more than 600 times. However, at the limit values ​​of cadmium concentration of 100 mg/kg, the measured value was exceeded more than 6 times and amounted to 663 mg/kg (+/-199).

In the case of the X START 2.1A model CDQ-097 wall charger, Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (ED-XFR) screening resulted in lead values ​​in 5 components (metal) exceeding 1,300 mg/kg. As a result of the chemical method, it was found that the components (metal) contain lead in an amount above 2,000 mg/kg – the measured maximum actual value was 878,400 mg/kg (+/- 18,250), i.e. has been exceeded more than 400 times.

The full list of examined products was published by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in special document.

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