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Control of the state budget by the Supreme Audit Office. Comments Andrzej Olechowski, former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former Minister of Finance

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We cannot figure out what is happening with state finances – said Andrzej Olechowski. The former Minister of Finance and former Minister of Foreign Affairs referred in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 to the audit of the implementation of the state budget for 2022, which was carried out by the Supreme Audit Office and its conclusions.

NIK negatively assessed the implementation of the budget for 2022 by the government and drew attention to the fact that over PLN 300 billion was transferred from the state budget to specially created earmarked funds. According to NIK, this makes it impossible to exercise control over spending part of public funds.

Olechowski on budget control by the Supreme Audit Office

According to Olechowski, “we cannot fully understand what is happening with state finances, because there is a lot of money that is taken out of parliamentary control.” – This is something that is just reprehensible. Reprehensible, he stressed.

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He added: – Parliament (…) at the moment does not control this money. He doesn’t know how much of it there is and he doesn’t know what’s really going on with it.

The former finance minister said that “a procedure is needed that says: this situation must be ended, the money must be returned, settled, the budget must be disciplined and so on.”

“We can’t quite figure out what’s going on with the state’s finances”TVN24

“A unique situation in the history of the Supreme Audit Office”

On Tuesday, an independent senator and former head of the Supreme Audit Office, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, explained that “the lack of a positive opinion, i.e. an application for discharge, is indeed a unique situation in the history of the Supreme Audit Office”, which “did not take place throughout the entire period of operation of the Supreme Audit Office after the Second world war”.

– This means that the government incorrectly, poorly conducted matters related to state finances, poorly guarded the budgetary interests of the State Treasury. What it comes from? More than 300 billion liabilities that are not included in the budget is actually an attempt to hide this debt. Of course, this qualifies for the Sejm, based on the opinion of the Supreme Audit Office, not to grant discharge to the government, i.e. not to adopt a resolution giving a positive opinion on the budget implementation report, he added.

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Olechowski: there should be a serious debate in the Sejm

– In my world, that is, in the world of enterprises – the president loses his job, the board loses his job. It cannot be that there is no discharge. There should be a serious debate in the Sejm, there should be explanations of what happened, what’s going on. This is another example of the devastation of the state – said Olechowski.

According to the former finance minister, “what happened is just terrible.” According to Olechowski, “if we allow another victory PiS in Poland, it will be time for NIK to dissolve and dissolve such audit institutions.

Main photo source: TVN24

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