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Controversy in the Parliament. Speech by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Prime Minister about denunciation, cries of “to Moscow”, “to Berlin”

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– There is nothing worse, I am addressing PO MPs, than to denounce your own homeland abroad – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday in the Sejm. After these words, cries of “traitor, traitor” were heard in the hall. The next part of the prime minister’s speech was accompanied by chanting “to Berlin, to Berlin” and – in response – “to Moscow, to Moscow”. ‘I really don’t know which is better, whether to go to Berlin or to Moscow,’ replied the Prime Minister.

After the Sejm resumed its deliberations on Thursday evening, Arkadiusz Marchewka, MP from the KO, formally requested a break in the work of the chamber. He said that in a moment the government would ask for discharge and approval for budget spending in 2022.

– The Sejm cannot accept this fraud, for the first time in free Poland there has been a situation where the government has not received a positive assessment for the execution of the budget (…), because you have transferred billions of zlotys beyond the control of the Sejm and citizens. You have created an election fund out of debt, which citizens will have to pay back, said the KO MP to the government.

Arkadiusz Iwaniek (Left), in turn, accused the government PISthat for 800 days he has not obtained funds for KPO for Poland.

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Prime Minister “to PO MPs”: there is nothing worse than to denounce the homeland

After these statements, representatives of the government spoke, including Prime Minister Morawiecki, who said that “a Polish politician has only one duty – to serve the Polish state.”

He said that on Wednesday PiS MEPs submitted a motion to the European Parliament to adopt three amendments to the EP resolution. – Demand for money from the KPO was the first amendment, the second – prohibition of illegal immigration, it was the second amendment and the third – the demand to pay funds for refugees from Ukraine. And what did they do PO MPs, The Left – those who demand money from KPO today like hypocrites? Well, yesterday, during the vote on this resolution, they rejected the amendments of PiS MEPs – said the Prime Minister.

He stated that “de facto they voted against the KPO, de facto they voted against the adoption of measures for refugees from Ukraine and they voted for the admission of illegal immigrants.”

Tuesday’s vote European parliament adopted a resolution in which he criticizes the establishment of a verification commission in Poland for Russian influence and the amendment to the electoral law. During the debate, three amendments were tabled by the ECR group, to which PiS belongs. They concerned the disbursement of funds from the KPO, the call on the EC to complete work on the issue of forced relocation of migrants and the disbursement of EU funds for refugees from Ukraine who came to Poland.

– I strongly encourage you to check how the European Parliamentarians of the Platform and the Left voted. It couldn’t have happened by accident. It was part of their strategy. My appeal to you, Civic Platform: do not dance to the tunes played in Berlin and Brussels. There is nothing worse, I am addressing PO MPs, than to denounce your own homeland abroad, Morawiecki said. “Traitors, traitors” – there was a chant in the Sejm hall.

Speech by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki tvn24

As the Prime Minister continued, “one of the heads of the Civic Coalition and friends Donald Tusk he said in this way: The Platform will certainly be loyal to the decisions made by the European institutions.” – That’s what he said. Dear compatriots, what does it mean, but now they feel stupid – said the Prime Minister. “To Berlin, to Berlin” – people chanted in the Sejm hall. In response there were cries of “to Moscow, to Moscow”.

– I really do not know which is better, whether to go to Berlin or to Moscow – said Morawiecki.

Morawiecki assessed that the words of “one of the bosses” of KO mean that “they will be loyal to the closure Turów mineagainst accepting illegal immigration to Poland.” – We protest against this. Your policy is anti-Polish and anti-European at the same time, because the insane and wrong European policy, which aims to accept millions of illegal immigrants, will lead to the destruction of the European Union. both Poland and the European Union – he said.

‘You have to have Poland in your heart and mind, not only in your passport,’ concluded Prime Minister Morawiecki.

Mateusz MorawieckiPAP/Piotr Nowak

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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