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Convention of the Civic Platform in Płońsk – report

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On Saturday, the National Convention of the Civic Platform was launched in Płońsk. The party is to amend the statute, including increasing the number of vice-presidents. Donald Tusk’s speech continues. Report on tvn24.pl.

The Civic Platform Convention is being held for the first time in a city the size of Płońsk. As PO politicians argue, this is a personal decision of President Donald Tusk, whose intention was for PO politicians to meet for the first time at a convention outside a large agglomeration.

During the session, the leader of the PO, Donald Tusk, delivered a speech on the program. Apart from him, there will be performances by the head of the KO club Borys Budka, the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, MEP Radosław Sikorski, as well as Izabela Leszczyna and Marzena Okła-Drewnowicz. In addition, presentations by people associated with various environments, such as the army and youth, are planned.

Report from the convention on tvn24.pl:


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    Tusk: What can we do together to make any place in Poland an attractive place? Perhaps the honest answer is that this cannot be done everywhere. But there are many answers that tell us what we all have to do to ensure that there are as many places like this in Poland and that these places do not depend on the size of the city.

  • Tusk: Today I will repeat words about smaller, medium-sized cities in Poland, because there we often meet people and situations that must arouse anxiety, a question about the future.

  • Tusk: Campus Polska is a great idea, a very nice venture. It gave a lot of hope to the young.

  • Tusk: This is what we are for, as the Civic Platform, to defend the interests of Poland, Płońsk and others, eight hundred mayor cities, over a hundred presidential cities.

  • Tusk: To be a European means to be a Pole, to be an inhabitant of Płońsk, to be an inhabitant of a Polish village. Nothing to argue here. Today, love for a small homeland also means this great need to keep Poland in the European Union.

  • Donald Tusk spoke.

  • Good morning! We invite you to the report from the Civic Platform convention from Płońsk.

Planned changes to the party’s statute

In the second part, the convention is to amend the statute, recommended by the PO management board. This includes increasing the number of vice-presidents from 4 to 10, facilitating enrollment in the Civic Platform, co-opting the head of the faction in the European Parliament and the highest-ranking member of the Presidiums of the Sejm and Senate, changes enabling the introduction of gender parities at all levels.

In addition, the statute will include new ideological and program goals of the Civic Platform, such as striving for the separation and transparency of the authorities, fighting for free media, fighting for climate protection, etc.

There will be no personnel changes during the convention – these are made by the National Council. Anyway, elections at all levels await the platform in the near future. Between 9 and 17 October, elections to the circles, and 23 October, elections of heads of poviats, heads of regions, as well as general election of the chairman of the PO.

Donald Tusk: The current government has absolutely no understanding of the challenges of modernityPHOTOS OF THE ORGANIZER

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