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Convention of the Civic Platform in Płońsk. Speeches by Rafał Trzaskowski, Radosław Sikorski, Borys Budka and Izabela Leszczyna

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During the convention of the Civic Platform in Płońsk, the head of the KO club, Borys Budka, assured that “we will settle all the affairs of the rulers”. MP Izabela Leszczyna stated that taxes cannot be raised for all those who produce goods and provide services. The mayor of Warsaw and the deputy head of the Civic Platform, Rafał Trzaskowski, spoke about the importance of Poland’s presence in the European Union. MEP Radosław Sikorski declared that “anyone who in the present conditions tries to lead Poland out of the European Union is a traitor.”

Convention Civic Platform it was organized for the first time in a city the size of Płońsk. As PO politicians argue, this is a personal decision of President Donald Tusk, whose intention was for PO politicians to meet for the first time at a convention outside a large agglomeration.


The following spoke during the session: PO leader Donald Tusk, who made a program speech, head of the KO club Borys Budka, Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski, Izabela Leszczyna, Tomasz Biniek, Radosław Sikorski and Marzena Okła-Drewnowicz.


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Borys Budka: we will settle all government affairs

Borys Budka, the head of the parliamentary club KO, addressed the rulers during the convention. – We will introduce a law that will eliminate all cases of nepotism, corruption and cronyism. (…) Do not sleep peacefully, we will settle your every scandal, to every smallest one – he said.

– When we say “PiS” today, we have a scandal before our eyes – said the former head of the PO. In his opinion, the people of power today only want to “steal with impunity”, and therefore they do not want any control over themselves, “neither here nor in international institutions.” That is why – said Budka – they “devastate the judiciary”, they declare war on the EU, “they want to steal free media from you”.

According to him, the resolution of the PiS authorities aimed at counteracting nepotism is a “great defeat” of the leader of this party, Jarosław Kaczyński. Budka said that instead of preparing the country for the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, PiS dealt with nepotism in its own ranks, and the adopted resolution resulted in the loss of a dozen or so people. – These 15 people are a dimension of the moral defeat of Jarosław Kaczyński – said Budka.

Borys Budka at the national convention of the PO in PłońskPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

In his opinion, Kaczynski has built a party over which nobody controls, which “like an octopus entwines companies and partnerships” in order to “get as much as possible for himself”. – If people who violate the principles of ethics at the meeting point of business and politics were expelled from the party, nobody would survive – said Budka.

Hazel: in a good state there is an agreement that prosperity comes from work and investment

Civic Platform deputy Izabela Leszczyna said that “in a good state there is agreement on one thing, that real prosperity comes from work and investment”. She stated that our wallets are today like “Grześ’s sack” (referring to Julian Tuwim’s poem about Grześ, who was walking through the village with a leaky sack). – On the one hand, 500 plus, the 13th retirement pension, but with expensive new levies, more taxes and an expensive increase that eats up all social transfers and eats up salaries and pensions – she pointed out.

According to her, “in a good and wise country” today, you cannot raise taxes for all those who produce goods and provide services, because then prices go up. – We are already the leader of high prices in the European Union – she said.

Izabela Leszczyna at the PO national convention in PłońskPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

She added that a wise and good state is one in which people who work and create jobs feel supported by the state, “because the state is only thanks to such people.” She pointed out that thanks to taxes for those who work, the state can support those who are not always able to cope on their own, but there is no reason to support “those who do not work because they do not want to”.

Trzaskowski: we must move forward together and win the elections

The Mayor of Warsaw and the party’s deputy head, Rafał Trzaskowski, stressed that talks with citizens are important. – I am returning from Budapest, where such simple words that Hungary is not Orban and Poland is not Kaczyński, caused the most enthusiasm. I talked to my Hungarian friends about how much Kaczyński learned from Orban. I don’t know if you remember, the gentlemen once met in Niedzica. It seems that then Orban probably handed over his notebook to Kaczyński, which should be done in turn – said Trzaskowski.

There were, he continued, two pieces of advice at the end of this notebook; the first of them is “slowly, step by step to move out of the EU, because no one will dictate our conditions, telling us how to proceed”. – Nota bene, we fell for it ourselves, and it must be clearly said. We thought that if Viktor Orban would be in the European People’s Party, we would be able to convince him, because he, unlike Kaczyński, has a bit of this rogue charm – said Trzaskowski.

– And we talked, and indeed sometimes Donald Tusk, even me, managed to stop him from some pure madness in the talks and we invested time in it, because it seemed to us that he could reason with his mind, but he had a plan. (…) And in the notebook that Orban gave to Kaczyński, everything is written – the politician continued.

– Do not be fooled – he called the audience. – Remember what it was like with Great Britain. At the beginning they also said that there are too many prerogatives, that the Union is doing too much. (…) They said that you only need to focus on trade, and the rest is completely unnecessary, that’s what they started with – said the president of the capital.

Rafał TrzaskowskiPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

Meanwhile, as he emphasized, the European Union is important. “The Union sets trends, deals with what is really important in the 21st century.” – If not for the European Union, we would probably not be fighting the climate catastrophe so seriously, said Trzaskowski.

He added that “in the album that Orban probably handed over to Kaczyński, the last point is local governments; to destroy them.” – We, local government officials, try to save what is happening in Poland at the moment. At a time when the rulers destroy culture, we support independent culture. At a time when the rulers cut money on IVF, we finance IVF. At a time when the rulers destroy the Polish school, we pay the teachers extra and organize additional lessons. We are trying to talk about what tolerance should look like at school, what are the consequences of moving in the virtual world – he said.

– If this authority wants to take hospitals from us, we are doing everything to equip these hospitals to ensure that the working conditions in them are as good as possible – he enumerated.

Trzaskowski appealed to PO activists to be together, because it gives strength. – Today it is not the most important thing who said what, who, and what. (…) The most important thing is that we are together, that we win the elections. Because we are deciding about the future of Poland. Donald Tusk is right, we must be responsible, but we must also be brave, we must be honest and we must go forward together and win the elections – he said.

Sikorski: whoever wants to lead Poland out of the European Union is a traitor

MEP Radosław Sikorski, former head of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declared that “anyone who under the current conditions tries to lead Poland out of the European Union is a traitor.” He began his speech with the words: “On Thursday I returned from the seat of the occupying parliament in Strasbourg”. He added that entering the EP room had to sign a diet declaration, but, as he said, “it was not necessary to sign a declaration that ‘Für Deutschland’ would be voted”.

He admitted that the international economic situation for Poland is deteriorating, 250 kilometers from Poland, people are being tortured only because they are protesting against the rigged elections. – Andżeliko Borys, Andrzej Poczobucie, you are our heroes – he said, causing a storm of applause.

He admitted that the way the US withdrew from Afghanistan was a mistake and that Afghanistan is now “falling into the darkness of barbarism.” However, it was related to the US redirecting its attention to competition with China.

Radoslaw SikorskiPAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

In this situation, Poland has “rulers who are ready to risk Poland being alone in this world.” He admitted that he knows about the new doctrine of Kaczyński, about which the PiS president spoke at the PiS political committee. “I even have my agents there,” said Sikorski.

That doctrine, he added, is to be “isolationism.” – Only that, performed by Poland, it will not be isolationism, but isolation, similar to the isolation of a leper thrown outside the city walls in the Middle Ages – he argued.

He said that Jaroslaw Kaczynski is behaving like a driver who hears on the radio that some madman is going against the current along the A1 motorway and comments: “not one madman, but hundreds and they are honking at me.” – Mr Kaczyński, you have to turn back, but if you don’t want to or can’t, we’ll do it for you after the election – said Sikorski.

Main photo source: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

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