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Conversation between the USA and Russia. Shortly after the attacks on Sevastopol

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Boss Pentagon Lloyd Austin took place on Tuesday phone call with the Russian Minister of Defense Andrei Belousov. This information was provided by the ministry's spokesman, General Patrick Ryder, during a press briefing.

US talks with Russia. Lloyd Austin stressed the importance of “maintaining the lines of communication”

The spokesman noted that Austin was the initiator of the conversation, in which he “emphasized the importance of… maintaining lines of communication during Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine” Initially, the American side did not provide details of the conversation. However, the Russian ministry later revealed that during the conversation Belousov warned the US against the possibility of escalation of the conflict if continuous supplies of weapons from the US to Ukraine continued.

It was Austin's first conversation with his Russian counterpart since March 15 last year. Then Lloyd Austin talked to the head of the Russian Ministry of National Defense Sergei Shoigu right after Russian fighters downed an American MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea.

Tuesday's conversation took place after Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol, which resulted in the death of four people. According to reports, Ukrainian forces used American ATACMS missiles.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry later summoned American ambassador Lynne Tracy, accusing the US of leading the attack and threatening consequences. U.S. officials responded to Russian protests by declaring that “Russia could stop this war and the suffering it has caused today if it would only stop its occupation of Ukraine's sovereign territory and stop attacking civilians.”

What about the US position? A US spokesman declined to comment

Patrick Ryder during the briefing declined to comment CNN reports that the US administration is considering allowing US civilian employees on government contracts to come to Ukraine to help repair and service US military equipment.

As he stated, he will not comment on “internal discussions that may take place“He added that the president Joe Biden does not intend to change its decision not to send American soldiers to Ukraine.

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