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Coolcation is a Scandinavian proposition for those who do not like to spend their holidays in the heat

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Heatwaves in America, heatwaves in southern Europe. Scandinavian countries have an option for those who don't like spending their holidays in the heat. Sweden and Norway invite you to a coolcation.

Coolcation is a combination of the words “cool”, meaning “cool” or “cool”, and “vacation”, meaning “vacation”. Scandinavian countries invite you for cool, but above all cold holidays. They promote coolcation as the latest trend in mass tourism. – It's the opposite of a vacation in the south. You go on holiday to a place where it's not too hot, says Anders Nyland, director of tourism at Visit Bergen.

A place where it is not too hot even in summer is the city of Bergen in Norway, called the “gateway to the fjords”. The temperature there in summer oscillates around 15 degrees Celsius, and on the warmest days it reaches 25 degrees. For tourists from southern Europe, the weather is a dream.

– Where I live in Italy, summer is very hot. Very hot and humid. I like cooler weather, comments Manuel, a tourist from Italy. – It's a nice change. It's really impossible to walk in Rome at this time of year. I think that with climate change it will be even more visible – says Chiara, a tourist from Italy.

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For comparison, next Thursday in Rome it will be 37 degrees in the shade. The maximum temperature in Bergen will be 13 degrees. – It's great here, but I'm a guy, so I can handle a little more cold. My wife is wearing three layers, says Richard, a tourist from Canada.

Coolcation, a new trend in tourism ENEX

Changing the tourism model in Europe

Recent holiday seasons indicate an inevitable change in the tourism model in Europe. The Mediterranean countries become too hot in July and August for many tourists who either plan their holiday trips outside the season or look for alternative destinations.

– It makes sense. There are many places where there are very severe, longer heatwaves, and people are looking for places to escape to, says Shawn Milrad, a climate researcher at the University of Bergen.

– It's already a trend. We observed it in Bergen last summer and I think it will be even more visible this year, says Anders Nyland.

It is indisputable – the climate is warming. Even climate deniers only argue about whether humans are to blame. According to the European agency Copernicus, this year's May was the warmest May on record worldwide. This was the 12th consecutive month in which the average global temperature reached a record high for the month.

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Sweden and Norway promote coolcation

– Heatwaves in Europe are becoming more frequent, but they also last longer and are more intense. For example, over 60,000 people died in Europe as a result of the heat wave in 2022, reports Shawn Milard.

The tourism industry from Norway and Sweden officially invites you to a coolcation. This is new for residents of Scandinavian countries. So far, they have been flying all over Europe in search of better weather.

– We, Norwegians, must realize that there are people in the world who live in a completely different climate every day and think that our climate is exotic and exciting – says Anders Nyland.

The official Swedish tourism office encourages you directly: Sweden is a refreshing alternative to hot Southern Europe.

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