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Cooperating with services from Russia and Belarus – how many people were detained in Poland? Stanisław Żaryn comments

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Stanisław Żaryn, Deputy Minister of Special Services Coordinator, informed that since February 24, 2022, 18 people who cooperated with the services from Russia or Belarus have been detained in Poland. – This shows that the war of Russian and Belarusian intelligence against our country is much stronger at the moment – he said.

Boss MIA and the minister coordinator of special services Mariusz Kaminski announced on Thursday ABW breaking up a spy network operating for Russia. – In recent days, the Internal Security Agency has detained nine people suspected of collaborating with the Russian special services. The suspects conducted intelligence activities against Poland and prepared acts of sabotage at the request of Russian intelligence, the minister said. He noted that the detainees were foreigners from across the eastern border.

Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of the Interior and Administration, Special Services CoordinatorPAP/Piotr Nowak

The deputy minister of the special services coordinator, Stanisław Żaryn, referred to the breakup of the group in an interview with PAP. He emphasized that the arrest took place as a result of very strong cooperation between various services.

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– For obvious reasons, I cannot talk about the details, but we can clearly see that it was not only the Internal Security Agency, but also cooperation with other secret services, as well as uniformed services that allowed us to quickly neutralize the network run by the Russians in our area – said Żaryn .

He added that further work was needed to understand the nature of the threats, which he said were multiple.

– On the one hand, these are strictly intelligence activities, i.e. monitoring various types of places and transports, which are currently crucial not only for Ukraine, but for the entire network of Western aid to Ukraine. This activity is related to the collection and documentation of mainly arms transports that pass through Poland, he noted.

“The group received specific orders to arouse emotions around Polish-Ukrainian relations”

The second activity carried out by the foreigners recruited by the Russians was propaganda. – The group received specific orders to arouse emotions around Polish-Ukrainian relations and to arouse negative emotions towards the North Atlantic Pact, as well as to incite reluctance towards the policy of the Polish government and its position towards Ukraine – noted Żaryn.

He added that the group was to be preparing to conduct sabotage activities in order to disrupt transport routes to Ukraine.

– The whole component of the tasks that were assigned to this group was supposed to lead unequivocally to the fact that Russia achieved its military goals in the war against Ukraine, because we know very well that cutting off Ukraine from aid and supplies from the West would be of great benefit to the aggressor, he stressed.

ABWDarek Delmanowicz/PAP

“The war of Russian and Belarusian intelligence against our country is much stronger at the moment”

When asked about the nationality of the detained people, Żaryn said that he was aware of voices on this subject. – There will be various kinds of digressions on this subject, but due to the ongoing activities, we cannot say anything more at the moment. We are dealing with nine people detained. These are foreigners from beyond Poland’s eastern border, he said.

He indicated that this situation will certainly be used by Russian and Belarusian propaganda, which – as he said – very often picks up various events taking place and tries to interpret them in their own way.

– You can expect attempts to make various “throw-ins” in order to manipulate the image of these events. We may have an attempt to show that Poles pursue an aggressive, Russophobic policy and are looking for some problem, Russian activity that does not exist – he said.

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He added that various threats from the Belarusian and Russian services are now much more serious than they were a year or two ago. – You need to be aware that war in cyberspace and information warfare is something that remains a daily task for our state, which has to deal with such activities much harder than before – he said.

Żaryn reported that since February 2022, 18 people who collaborated with Russian or Belarusian services have been detained in Poland. – This also shows that the war of Russian and Belarusian intelligence against our country is much stronger at the moment – he noted.

Main photo source: Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

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