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COP28 in Dubai. Poland signed a declaration on the nuclear issue. President Andrzej Duda on details

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On Saturday, Poland adopted a declaration to triple its nuclear energy generation capacity by 2050. – Without nuclear energy, it will not be possible to implement the ambitious climate plans that we all set for ourselves. Protect our planet – said President Andrzej Duda during the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

President Andrzej Duda, who is taking part in the COP28 climate conference in Dubai, emphasized that nuclear energy is the future of clean, safe and stable energy and the future of a just energy transition. – Without nuclear energy, it will not be possible to implement the ambitious climate plans that we all set for ourselves. Protect our planet – said the Polish president. That is why – as Duda pointed out – the declaration adopted on Saturday is so important.

Declaration on tripling nuclear energy generation capacity

– Tripling the nuclear energy generation capacity by 2050, increasing and facilitating the financing of the construction of nuclear power plants, promoting nuclear energy as clean energy – these are important commitments that I, as the President of Poland, sign with full conviction – he declared.

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The declaration was adopted by over 20 countries. Apart from Poland, these include: United StatesFrance, RomaniaFinland, United Arab EmiratesCanada, Sweden, Bulgaria.

The signatories committed to working together to achieve the global goal of tripling nuclear energy capacity by 2050, taking internal action to ensure that nuclear power plants are operated responsibly, in accordance with the highest standards of safety, sustainability, security and non-proliferation. Moreover, countries have committed to responsible, long-term management of used fuel, as well as to mobilizing investments in nuclear energy, including innovative financial mechanisms.

President Andrzej Duda at the COP28 climate summit in DubaiPAP/Radek Pietruszka

Nuclear power plants in Poland

President Duda noted that Poland, although it does not yet have its own nuclear power plants, has been intensifying its Polish nuclear energy program for several years. He pointed out that advanced work is already underway on the construction of our first power plant, which is to be built by 2033, and which will be built by the state-owned company Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe in cooperation with the American concerns Westinghouse and Bechtel.

– Poland is conducting the process of selecting the location and technology for the construction of the second nuclear power plant in our country. I would like to emphasize our openness to talks on cooperation with all countries representing a similar approach to the development of nuclear energy, he added.

– Work has also started on the construction of another nuclear power plant based on strong, formalized cooperation of Polish entities: PGE SA, which is state-owned, and the private ZE PAK, as well as the Korean concern KHNP. In recent days, the Polish Ministry of Climate has issued a basic decision, which allows us to proceed to the next stage of obtaining decisions and permits. We will support these important investments, said the Polish president.

Orlen is investing in a small nuclear reactor

He emphasized that smaller reactors can be a complement to full-scale nuclear power plants and admitted that our country has the ambition to be a European leader in the construction of small nuclear reactors – SMRs.

Orlen’s investment in a small SMR nuclear reactor is one of the projects covered by strategic support of the Phoenix programwhich will receive funding from the US Department of State.

– The Polish company Orlen Synthos Green Energy, which intends to build reactors using SMR technology, is participating in COP28. He cooperates with companies from the United States and Canada on this project. I am pleased that he is also starting cooperation with a company from the United Arab Emirates – Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. The UAE, the hosts of our climate summit, has just completed the construction of its first large nuclear power plant. This shows best that nuclear energy has a future all over the world, said the Polish president. Duda also appreciated the United States’ efforts to develop large- and small-scale nuclear technology.

“The atom is the future”

– The atom is the future. We also showed this at the European Union forum, successfully seeking the inclusion of nuclear energy in the Net-Zero Industry Act. Just two weeks ago European parliament he also included the atom. We, as Poland, strived for this very hard. This is a success of many member states, led by the President (of France) Emmanuel Macron, he declared.

In President Duda’s opinion, further decisive steps are needed to support nuclear energy within the European Union. He announced that one of the priorities of the Polish EU presidency in the first half of 2025 will be a just energy transformation, with particular emphasis on nuclear energy.

– A just transition is extremely important. We agreed on this during COP24, which took place in Poland, in Katowice. People must be at the center of climate policy – their safety, health, quality of life. This is what a rational process of switching to efficient and low-emission energy sources is intended to achieve. Exactly like an atom, said Andrzej Duda.

– If we want to achieve ambitious climate goals, we must act even bolder, faster and more effectively when it comes to the development of nuclear energy! Let’s remember that we are not doing this for ourselves! We do it for future generations, for our children, for our grandchildren. We don’t have time, we have to act now, the president emphasized.

PAP/Maria Samczuk

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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