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Coronavirus and Back to School. The Mayor of Sopot Jacek Karnowski on the decisions of the Ministry of National Education and Minister Piontkowski

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I am surprised that the government does not take into account the opinion of experts who say that some classes should start hybrid from mid-September – said Jacek Karnowski, the president of Sopot, in “One for One” on TVN24. He commented on the issues of returning children to school on September 1 and the related activities of the Ministry of National Education.

Despite the increase in coronavirus infections in recent weeks, the ministry of education decided that from September 1, the basic model of working in schools would be stationary education. The mixed model is to be acceptable when the school principal obtains the consent of the governing body and a positive opinion of the Sanepid. Then it may decide that some children or classes will attend school in traditional form and some distance learning. With a greater epidemic threat, it is also possible to transfer the entire school to distance education.


Kanowski: the ministry did not talk to school principals

The president of Sopot, Jacek Karnowski, said in “One for One” on TVN24 what it means for local government officials to open schools in the face of an increased epidemiological threat. – Once again, the government representative, like Prime Minister Morawiecki on the occasion of the elections, begins to curse the reality that there is no coronavirus, said Karnowski, commenting on Minister Dariusz Piontkowski’s decisions to start the 2020/21 school year in conditions of an epidemic.

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Piontkowski: Young people are not such a carrier of the disease, they can return to school relatively calmly. Opinions vary widelyTVN24

– I am surprised that the government does not take into account the opinion of experts, scientists (…) who say that some classes should start as a hybrid, from September 15. But the example of Zakopane, when the ministry arbitrarily makes decisions by putting pressure on the Sanepid, despite the demands of schools and city authorities, shows that there is no question of hybrid teaching – said the Mayor of Sopot.

In this way, he referred to the decision of the Zakopane authorities, which is located in the so-called red zone, to resume education in a stationary form from September 28. The Zakopane authorities wanted the teaching to take place remotely until then. The Sanepid approved it, but later changed its decision. In this situation, the mayor of Zakopane said that “he must adapt to his new position” and that the classes would start on September 1.


– A lot of teachers and school principals, also in our country, reported that it would be better for the older classes to come to school later, after two weeks. Unfortunately, the ministry of education did not talk to us at all, did not talk to school principals – Karnowski emphasized.

In his opinion, “once again the government stubbornly says ‘me’, but it does it unprofessionally and once again says that there is no coronavirus.”

Main photo source: tvn24


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