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Coronavirus and vaccinations in Poland. Will the employer be able to check if the employee is vaccinated? Minister: this is a project for harder times

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According to the regulations announced by the government, the employer will be able to verify whether the employee is vaccinated against COVID-19. – We will keep this project for harder times – said health minister Adam Niedzielski in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24. He added that it still needs to be refined.

– We have indeed prepared such a project in the Ministry of Health, it is following its legislative path, it is already after the decision of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, which approved it. Now it is the turn of this project to be introduced to the government – said Adam Niedzielski.


Verification of students

– The discussion at the Standing Committee indicated that this project needs to be refined because, for example, the rectors reported the need to be able to verify students. In consultation with the ministry, or directly with the rectors, we will prepare appropriate provisions – he explained.

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When asked if he had the determination to implement this project he said: “honestly I have”. – We will keep this project, so to speak, for hard times – he said.

– We look at various parameters, not only about epidemiological values, but also about certain social preferences. Making decisions about fighting a pandemic is not only about making decisions recommended by epidemic experts. There are many more elements to be considered here – economic, social and so on, ‘he said.

Do employers want to know about employee vaccinations?

The Konfederacja Lewiatan survey, which was conducted at the beginning of August, shows that 80 percent. employers believe they should have access to information on how many employees in their company have been vaccinated against COVID-19, and to know which specific employees have been vaccinated.

Over 60 percent of Poles want their employer to have the right to check whether their employee has been vaccinated against COVID-19 – according to a United Surveys poll for RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. Almost 51 percent of respondents believe that any new restrictions should not apply to vaccinated people.


Coronavirus and vaccinations in Poland

The minister said research has confirmed 2,640 new cases of coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours. Last week – on Wednesday, October 6 – the Ministry of Health reported 2,085 new cases of coronavirus infection.

By Tuesday, 37,991,723 doses of various COVID-19 vaccines were administered. The first dose was 19,955,741 vaccinations. 19,633,725 people are fully vaccinated – vaccinated with a single-dose preparation of Johnson & Johnson or two doses of AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines.

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