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Coronavirus in Austria. Johann Biacsics is dead. The anti-vaccine movement leader has died from COVID-19

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One of Austria’s most famous opponents of coronavirus vaccines, Johann Biacsics, has died from COVID-19, local media reports. His condition worsened from October, and he was hospitalized in early November. Despite his breathing difficulties and critical condition, he refused conventional treatment.

As the family wrote on the website, Johann Biacsics had been ill since October, and his condition worsened – he had diarrhea, fever and cough. He was hospitalized in early November. Despite testing positive for the coronavirus, Biacsics told doctors that it has already beaten COVID-19. Although he had trouble breathing, and his condition worsened and was life-threatening, he was discharged home from the hospital.


Anti-vaccine movement protest in Vienna PAP / EPA

He was treated with chlorine dioxide

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At home, Biacsics tried to treat himself with chlorine dioxide. It is considered a miracle cure for COVID-19 among opponents of vaccines. Soon after, the man died.

According to information on his website, he wanted to be treated by a trusted doctor, but did not reach the patient in time. As reported by the son of the deceased, his family and the team from the called ambulance tried to resuscitate the 65-year-old, but it was too late.

Despite the positive test results, the man’s family does not believe that he died from the coronavirus. “Officially, he will be included in the statistics as a victim of the crown. But I know better,” wrote the deceased’s son on the portal.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA

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